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Ldoll Festival 2 - BJD Convention - France - October 8-9 2011

Mar 1, 2011

    1. Hi everybody !

      We are very proud and glad to announce that the second edition of the Ldoll Festival will take place in the 8th and 9th of October 2010, in Lyon (France).

      Event: Ldoll Festival 2
      Location: Lyon, FRANCE (Double Mixte convention center).
      Dates: October 8-9, 2011.
      Event website: Ldoll Festival Website
      Main contact: ldollfestival@gmail.com

      Ldoll is a salon devoted to ball jointed dolls and consists in making the meeting between artists, exhibitors, collectors and bjd lovers easier in a 1000m² convention’s hall dedicated to their hobby and for two days.

      We have listened and read carefully to all suggestions from visitors of the first edition. We tried to consider all comments. For this second edition, more than never, we will make our best to create a nice and friendly atmosphere with:
      - Contests (photography, customization, stand…) with great prices to win thanks to our partner companies
      - Activities during the salon with funny and stupid games…
      - A place to meet each other with chairs, place to stay and talk with people…
      - Exhibitions of dolls and photos
      - A second hand shop

      From the 1st of March, booths and sales tables are available for booking for both professionals and private sellers.. If you’re interested, please write at stand@ldollfestival.com
      To thank the exhibitors who came last year and who trusted in the project from the beginning, we decided to make a special “thankful” price for them.
      And don’t hesitate to come to show your creations, all your wonderful and creative ideas for bjds: it’s a pleasure for visitors to see the talent of collectors. You bring the wealth to the festival.

      Our webmaster is currently working hard to make a brand new website and forums for the festival.
      All the information you may need about opening hours, dates, transportations, accommodations, details for contests, exhibitors lists and so on will be available on the website.

      We will keep you posted in the upcoming months about opening of the registrations for contests, companies who will come this year again and so on... We are making our best organize a great and super nice moment to spend all together. And we highly recommend you to keep your wallet full and in a security place for this event ^^

      You can contact at any time you devoted organizers: Cycy and Lelahel.

      But you can also write to members of the Ldoll Staff if you need any information related to their post :

      We remain available for any question you may have.

      We hope that many people will be there for the second edition of this european festival. A festival we would like to become bigger at every new edition.

      May the "resinish" force be with you.

      Discussion thread for the Ldoll Festival created here : discussion thread
      thank you ^_^
    2. The contests are open!

      First price for every contest will be a doll, a doll generously offered by a special partner. Details about prices soon.

      For this second edition we propose three contests : 2 customizations contests and 1 photo contest.

      Customization contests :
      - 23rd Century (results: saturday 8th of october)
      - Legends and tales (results:sunday 9th of october)

      Photo contests :
      - Freedom (results: sunday 9th of October)

      For details, rules, informations, please visite our website : [COLOR="blue"]www.ldollfestival.com[/COLOR]

      Please note that :
      - To attend one of the contest, it is necessary for you to come at the festival as exhibitor or visitor
      - send us your participation or question at : contest@ldollfestival.com. You can also contact by private message here Jaina, Cycy,lawy or myself. You can also contact us through the Ldoll Forum.

      And thank you to all the people who already booked a stand, we will have exhibitors and artists from all over the world! ​
    3. Opening of the Ldoll's second hand shop for the second time ^___^ ! ! !

      Consider the great success of this event the next year, we decide to open the Ldoll’s second hand shop again ^^

      Briefly, what is it...
      The ldoll staff will run a stand with second hand items during the festival. It means that you could bring items you don't want to keep anymore for your dolls at the festival and put them on the stand for sale while you would just enjoy the salon. We would ask for 10% of the price per item for organization.

      It's an easy way to earn some money during the festival with things you don't want anymore and you don't have to send the items by post.

      But please keep in mind those rules :
      - nothing should be made on your own, no handmade items (i mean nothing you made by yourself, of course if you bought a handmade item on Doa or yahoo, this is ok)
      - the price should be maximum 150€ per item
      - no dolls, no option parts
      - Not more than 20 items
      - you should bring your item beetween 10 and 12 am saturday and sunday. You can take your items back whenever you want. And we won't keep any item beetween saturday night and sunday morning, you have to take them back even if you visit the salon for two days.
      - fullfill and bring the two forms with your items
      - you have to do the package : one item for one packaging ( transparent, plastic)

      You can download those two forms on the website of the festival. Describe your items, choose your price...and send them before 3th of october at this email
      address : depotvente@ldollfestival.com
      You can also contact moachan or hestia by pm if you have any problem. They will just check everything is ok and we will print your forms for the festival.

      Please read carefully the procedure form, jaina translate it and it is for sure way more understandable than my own english.
      thank you ^^ !​
    4. Presales tickets available !!

      - Entry fee
      for one day ticket at the desk at the festival :12€


      Our presale tickets are available in a specialized website dedicated to eticket for events : Digitick. When you buy your eticket, please note that you will have to print it by yourself.

      -Presale One day ticket : 11,80€
      (you can choose if you want to come on saturday or sunday)

      -Presale two days ticket : 20,90€

      You can also find tickets in their website by searching for "Ldoll" at this adddress :

      With presales ticket you :
      - can enter the salon 30minutes before other visitors
      - have a free lotery ticket

      If you have any problem regarding the reservation for tickets, please contact Digitick.


      Prizes for contests revealed :

      This year, our special partner for Ldoll is JPOPDOLLS.
      We appreciate their support and their kindness a lot. Two talented artists - Kaye wiggs and Daisy dayes - have made two limited doll for the salon as prizes for contests.

      And this year again, we are proud to offer as prize a sd doll from IPLEHOUSE who never stopped supporting us and bjd creativity.

      As soon as we have more details and pictures, we will make a new update !

      You have until the 31st of august to become a challenger ^^ !


      3.RAFFLE :

      We will offer you a chance to buy raffle tickets (1€ per ticket, one free for each presale ticket) to win a lot of things : option parts, wigs, eyes, clothes and so on !


      4.ACTIVITIES :

      We will try to organize some little and easy games as we made last year. ^^

      And this year we will organize a face up class, (one on saturday and one on sunday) class given by cycy.
      There will have limited seats, so if you're interested, send a pm to me or to cycy, or send us an email.
      But please note that to attend this class you should have a blank head, which may have been already protected with msc.


      You still have a month to book for a booth ^^ !

      Thank you for your support, we hope to give more news soon !!:chocoberry
    5. First exhibitors revealed !!

      The reservations for booths will be closed in two weeks now, we will slowly announce the name of exhibitors !


      Thank you Dollpeddlar for joining our event, we are very glad and honoured !!


      Switch will also attend Ldoll this year !



      Soon, new names revealed ^^ : we promise bjd companies, artists...

      And you still have two weeks to submit us your customization or picture for one of our contests ! Don't miss this chance to show your work, and maybe to win one of our gorgeous prizes !​
    6. About contests

      We decided to postpone the deadline date for the contest entries to the September 5th

      We already announced that, thanks to our special partner for Ldoll JPOPDOLLS, we will offer two limited doll as prizes for contests from the talented artists Kaye Wiggs and Daisy Dayes.
      Those two gorgeous dolls will be offered to the winners of customizations contests.

      For our photography contest, our partner Leeke is gifting a Limited Edition Vampire Khal to the winner!



      We're very close from the deadline for booking a stand.

      You now know that Dollpeddlar and Switch will attend the festival.

      They will also come to the festival :

      - Migidoll

      - Leeke will be back

      - Dust of Dolls
      The gorgeous Püns of doll makers Nyo and Lywann of Dust of Dolls will be back in October 2011! These two talented artists have created a doll especially for Ldoll Festival, which will be on sale during the salon!


      more names will be announced soon ^^ ! thank you for supporting Ldoll !


      This is our last update before Ldoll Festival 2011!
      Many surprises still await you during those two days of fun! ;)


      10:00 am: Entry for pre-sale ticket holders
      10:30 am: General entry
      18:30 am: Closing time

      Saturday 8th October:

      1:00 pm: Results of Best Sales Table Award for private sellers
      2:00 pm: Make-up Workshop with Cycy (reserved to signed-up attendees)
      5:00 pm: Results of Customization Contest “23rd Century”

      Sunday 9th October:

      1:00 pm: Ldoll Raffle Draw
      2:00 pm: Make-up Workshop with Cycy (reserved to signed-up attendees)
      3:00 pm: Results of Photography Contest “Freedom”
      4:30 pm: Results of Customization Contest “Tales and Legends”


      The main prizes for our contests have been announced… but there are more great items for you to win!! It’s an early Christmas this year at Ldoll Festival!

      [Saturday 8th October] Customization Contest – 23rd Century:
      1st Prize: 58cm White Skin Nelly from doll creator KAYE WIGG. Nelly comes with faun legs feet as well as human parts.
      2nd Prize: Original head handmade by French artists WIND DOLLS.
      3rd Prize: A trendy Nine9 outfit and a JPOPDOLLS high quality wig.

      [Sunday 9th October] Customization Contest – Tales and Legends:
      1st Prize: Original Centaur doll "Elise" from artist DAISY DAYES.
      2nd Prize: SOULDOLL Soulkid Min-Ji.
      3rd Prize: A trendy Nine9 outfit and a JPOPDOLLS high quality wig.

      [Sunday 9th October] Photography Contest – Freedom:
      1st Prize: LEEKEWORLD Limited Edition Vampire Khal.
      2nd Prize: A trendy Nine9 outfit and a JPOPDOLLS high quality wig

      [Sunday 9th October] Ldoll Raffle:
      1st Prize: French artist NOBLE DOLLS original doll.
      2nd Prize: SWITCH limited HAHWA head.
      And many more wonderful prizes!


      A genuine traditional French baker is providing food for Ldoll Festival 2011! We have ordered croissants and pains au chocolat for your brunch and sandwiches for your lunch. Tea and coffee, as well as mineral water, sodas and juices will also be available to quench your thirst from chatting all day with your fellow BJD fans.

      We apologize in advance for the limited panel of products we will be providing. As we are no restaurant, we focused on fresh, friendly, affordable food


      The make-up workshop is now full. All signed up attendees are invited to join Cycy for one hour on Saturday at 2:00 pm and on Sunday at 2:00 pm. A microphone announcement will remind you of the beginning of the workshop. Everyone who has received an email confirmation is signed up for the workshop. You must come with your own doll head that you will have sprayed with MSC in advance. Do not hesitate if you have any specific question or if you wish to use your own make-up equipment rather than what we will be providing.

      Your wishes and needs will determine the way this workshop will go. We hope to help you improve your skills and make you want to paint your dolls! Our friend and popular face-up artist Esthy has offered to help Cycy coach our attendees in order to give her more time to devote to each of you.

      Concerning MSC, we remind you that it is STRICTLY forbidden to use any inside of the festival hall. This is a toxic product, and other attendees including children should not be exposed to it. The security team of our staff will be particularly vigilant on this issue. We call on to your honesty and sense of responsibility to prevent the poisoning of people around you.

      We strongly advise you to protect yourself and wear a protection mask every time you use solvents at home.
      Should our security team report an incriminating smell of MSC on a booth, we will have no other choice but to take action and sanction those involved to protect our visitors and exhibitors.


      A paper program will be waiting for you at the entrance of the exhibition hall with a recap of all professional and private sellers, the schedule of our main events for both days (contests, workshops, etc). A microphone announcement will precede every event to bring them to your attention.
      The Ldoll Info booth is also set up especially to answer any of your question and need! On this booth you will also be able to purchase raffle tickets!


      Many of you have inquired how they could support Ldoll Festival and whether we would be selling Ldoll goodies. This year, we have created a small backpack with the logo and colors of this Second Edition (blue and black). Each bag will be sold 5 Euro.
      We hope you will find it useful and fun!

      We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and we can’t wait to meet you in person at Ldoll Festival 2011!:aheartbea

      PS: We apologize for any delay in replaying to your emails and question. Time is running out before the Festival and our staff is busy making sure everything is ready for D-day. Thank you for your understanding!