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Ldoll Festival 2010: BJD convention – France – October 9-10!

Oct 1, 2010

    1. One week to your first big European event "LDOLL FESTIVAL"!

      Event: Ldoll Festival.
      Location: Lyon, FRANCE (Double Mixte convention center).
      Dates: October 9-10, 2010.
      Event website: Ldoll Festival Website
      Main contact: ldollfestival@gmail.com

      With one week to the Festival, we thought it was high time for an update regarding our contests and your visit of the convention.

      :chocoberry Regarding the spaces at the Festival:

      Ldoll is meant to be both a trade fair with professional and amateur exhibitors, as well as the first national (and international) BJD meet in France.

      - There will be a whole part of the exhibition hall furnished as a meet-up area, with tables and chairs, so that you can settle down, chat and have a good time with your dolls and fellow collectors. Those of you who were undecided about bringing a doll or two, don’t worry you will not have to be standing the whole time with your dolls. There will be plenty of space to sit down and meet other doll owners. ^____^
      We count on you, members of the BJD communities, to use this space at its best by having fun and putting real faces on those DoA logging names! ^^

      - The other side of the exhibition hall will be dedicated to exhibitor booths – you’ll find professional companies and dealers, young creators, the Ldoll Second Hand shop and amateur booths (you may find the full list on our website).
      There is a special contest for the best exhibitor space award. The jury will consist in the professional exhibitors. From what we’ve been hearing, your exhibitors have put a lot of efforts in the decoration of their spaces! It should be quite a sight!
      There’s probably no need to insist on the wild amount of things you’ll find at the Festival… Just be prepared to spend all your savings!! XD

      :chocoberry Regarding the contests:

      For the Peak’s Woods customization contest “Just Like The Movies”, the grand prize is a FoC Briana!


      Iplehouse is sponsoring our two other contests and pictures of the prizes will be posted in the coming days.

      The selected pictures for the photo contest “Purity” have been printed in A3 format and they will be exhibited at the Festival during the two days. They’re even more beautiful in real life!

      And for course, there is also our lotery!

      We’ve been told some exhibitors are organizing their own raffles on their booths and some small contests!

      One piece of bad news though… Sseiren, the new BJD company which was supposed to make its grand premiere at Ldoll Festival might be forced to cancel their participation… We hope they will solve their problems very soon, they seem like a very promising company!

      That’s all for today! More news to come in the coming day!

      Lelahel and I are overexcited about this great adventure!
      Keep in mind that this is a first edition. We hope it will not be the last and that we’ll please you and be able to repeat the Festival next year. In any case, we thank you for your support and for making this event possible!
      We look forward to meet each of you! The whole staff team (those people in the orange shirts with badges ;)) is eager to welcome you and to help you spend one of the best day of your year! :)

      See you very soon ! :D

      (Our previous news: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...10-BJD-convention-%96-France-%96-October-9-10)