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LE-30 NEFERTI by BIMONG NEW BODY OPTION! See last post for info

Jun 9, 2010

    1. Introducing the new LE-30 NEFERTI head by artist Bimong.

      **Only 30 will be made globally, blank price is only $150! Fits all SD sized dolls, including DD. Order now before they're gone: http://www.dollfair.com/neferti.htm

      **choice of two different resins, and four different colors.

      ** FacepaintingArtist Day will also be glad to paint your Neferti in this lovely Limited style, or custom is offered also.

      ** Special Hair jewelry is also available as an option. Drape it over gauzy fabric for a lovely exotic effect!

      LE-30 set includes: head, tooth plate, headcap, LE signed certificate and box.




      Blank sculpt to see facial features:


      Resin color choices. New Golden Beige matches Volks Old Skin quite well.


      Size: for all SD- sized dolls
      wig: 7.5 inch, eyes: 12mm

      Base price: $150 for any resin and color,
      Facepainting is $50 for Limited Neferti style, $100 for custom
      Jewelry is $50
      Shipping is offered USA or EMS international

      Neferti's page is here-->http://www.dollfair.com/neferti.htm
    2. Is it possible to get some close-up shots of the blank sculpt so we can see her details better?
    3. Thanks for the question. I will be working on getting some larger blank photos loaded up tonight.

      At this time, we have half the edition of 30 sold. If this is a "must have" for you, please order sooner rather than later..

      Much appreciate the great emails and comments on Neferti. Thanks all.

    4. Will the bust option shown be available at some point please:?
      Thank you!
    5. Hi everyone!~
      Sorry for the delay. Bimong moved to a new house this past weekend, and it was hard to get ahold of him.

      We're pleased to offer a Narae 60cm body-only option in any resin color at this time, to perfectly match Neferti's head.
      Matte urethane resin is only $425, and French resin is $445. There is only one Neferti head left in the edition of 30, so please go fast if you want it!

      Large and small bust torso is available-- just let us know when you order and we'll get that for you.

      Ordering now at www.dollfair.com/neferti.htm

      Appreciate the interest!
    6. Erm, I have a question. ^^; If you've already ordered the head, is there a way to purchase only the matching body to go with it? :? I see only the tabs to order the head with the body, not one for just a body. >.< Thank you in advance!
    7. Thanks for your question!

      Tomorrow I will be contacting all those who ordered Neferti, to give them a link to an ordering page for the matching bodies.

      Best wishes.
    8. Oh,thank you,I've been contacting you on site already)So pleased to hear that you will give us the way to add body for Neferti!!!
      I asked in the letter and wanted to ask here - it will be old version body,not shown in "Coming soon" Neo-Narae 60cm body?
    9. Hello-
      To answer questions, yes it's the original Narae 60 body, but you have two torso (bust) choices-- large or small. The new body will be delayed a bit, since there are so many projects on the first now.

      Here is the informatiion for those who bought Neferti. If you are someone who did not buy Neferti and would like to get a 60cm body, please contact me via service@dollfair.com because the shipping information is taking into consideration the Neferti customers having already paid for shipping the heads. We will have to send you a custom invoice.

      Email that went out today regarding the bodies:

      Many people requested that we offer a matching resin body for Neferti, and now we have it... you can order a body only, with either large or small bust torso, in identical resin to your Neferti head.

      Please take a look at the bust torso options here, and when you order, let us know if you want SMALL or LARGE bust torso in the instructions box to us.

      See the large bust here:

      The small bust can be seen at the bottom of this page:


      Here is the ordering page for the body option for Neferti:

      You can choose either French resin or Matte Urethane resin, in any of the four colors which will match your new Neferti head. If anyone is interested in adding jewelry at the last minute, or an extra set, we have left that open.

      Shipping options will add to your existing order, so they can ship all together from Korea. We cannot offer US Priority shipping for bodies, so you will be bumped up to EMS from Korea.

      Please let us know if you have any questions!

    10. what if someone wants a male body?
    11. Do you guys do layaways?
    12. How long will the bodies be available separately after the sales of Neferti are through? (Need to budget some more dollie funding!) Thank you in advance!
    13. Do I have to buy the body and head or can you order only the head? Cause I really love the head but not the body and I can't find how to order the head only. Thanks
    14. Catrina and Joan aren't always on the forum, so you might want to e-mail them about it: service@dollfair.com