Event Le Miel will join the VOLKS Dolls Party in L.A.

Sep 6, 2019

    1. BJD Dress Boutique Le Miel will join the Volks Dolls Party in L.A 4.

      Date : 2019. 9. 8 (Sun)

      I will sell my handmade dresses for YoSD, MSD, and SD size girls.
      I will be in Anaheim, California at the Marriott Hotel in the Grand Ballroom this Sunday.
      My booth number is "12" and it is located in the Grand Ballroom (for North America dealers).

      I prepared many delicate handmade dresses for this event!
      I am looking forward to seeing you in the U.S.
      Please visit my booth and see me in person!

      After the event, I will be able to ship my dresses to you from the U.S. if you aren't able to visit the event!

      To see my dresses, please visit my Instagram or Twitter!
      My account is @lemieldoll

      Thank you so much!

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