LE Notdoll Guardian Vampire Aletheia

May 9, 2006

    1. Wow! Three in one!!
      BTW These dolls are perfect for displaying way gorgeous glass eyes with high-domes!

    2. OMG my mouth is still hanging open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Want want want! After all three heads are better than one. I know I know....(goes off laughing at her own cleverness) I'm back I can't breathe...Hehehe my husband's gone over to the dark side, he actually said wow that's a great price!
    3. I went on the site today and it says sold out! Could that be true in one day?
    4. It was actually up for two days (yeah, I know, big difference) but since it is an LE and a really great value I suppose it is true.
    5. It was actually up for two days (yeah, I know, big difference) but since it is an LE and a really great value I suppose it is true.
    6. So, I wrote them an email, and this is what I surmise from thier reply. I think they are phasing out the "A" series (horrors!). They are going to do a special Aemath and also sell her with the 3 "A" name heads (Aemath, Aletheia and Argeia). So I guess we have to be on the lookout for her and just pounce. I'm so dissapointed. I literally went to buy her and she was gone! I was crushed.
    7. They sent me another email saying Aemath would be out by the end of this week. I hope I don't miss her!
    8. Shoot! I didn't plan on buying another doll until the end of the month. I may have to just buy the Aemath head for now.
    9. Gosh it's such a good deal though! Maybe if you wanted I could sell you the Aemath head, since I really want the Aletheia from the set, and you could just get a body. Would you want to do that?
    10. Stella Maris-
      I just pm'd you!
    11. So they are discontinuing Aemaeth. The last sale period will be between May 23 and July 23.
    12. I wonder if they'll still be selling the "A" series as option heads? I *really* want to get a Janus/Argeia head for Lysandra (as a 'dreaming' head, I'd want her to have the same face-up), but I can't afford it right now . . . eeek!

      -- A :/
    13. I think that Aemath is the only one they are discontinuing but you could always write and get back one of their colorful emails! I'm still cryin over Aletheia. I wonder if they're going to wait till the 23rd to release the send off set and if she'll be as nice as Aletheia (s0b)
    14. Oh the excitment! Adieu Aemath is just today up on the Notdoll site so I jumped to order her! She is very well priced, more than $100 less than Aletheia! I think another member is going to take the Aemath head, so then I'll have my trio of vampires. As soon as I get another body that is, hehe.
    15. Hello ;)

      My Guardian Vampire Aletheia will arrive in few days now (she is at the airport ^__^)!

      I am not going to keep Aemaeth's head with notdoll LE makeup (like the picture) :


      PM'd me with offers. I will put a feeler on the marketplace section.
    16. Congratulations to you! I wanted Guardian but missed her (sigh) so I have Aemath on the way. BTW, also not keeping the Aemath head, Arcane Muse is getting her. I thought four vampires was overkill, get it overkill...
    17. Resurrecting this thread because ArcaneMuse and I are officially expecting our Adieu Aemath set! She's going to get the Aemath head, and I'm going to keep the Alethia and Argeia. Just what I need, three vampire girls. I hope they don't gang up on me!