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Least favorite size?

Jun 20, 2018

  1. Tinies

  2. SDs

  3. MSDs

  4. Large 70cm+ SDs

  5. Slim MSDs like MNFs

  6. Chubby MSDs like DearSDs

  7. Yo-Sds

  8. 1/8th Tinies like Pukifees/Lati Yellows/Tiny Delfs etc

  9. Tiny Tines like PukiPukis

  10. Don't have a least favorite size, like them all equally.

Multiple votes are allowed.
    1. We all have our size preferences when it comes to BJDs, that perfect size just for us that makes our hearts go all doki-doki, but what about the sizes we don't adore so much?

      This is a thread for everyone to state their least favorite sizes and why :)

      For me my least favorite sizes are definitely Tiny tines in the 1/10 or 1/12 scale like PukiPukis,really don't see the point in them as there's barely any doll even there! They just don't seem worth it and can't even be used to scale with props like the 1/8th tinies can.

      I also really dislike slim and small MSDs like Minifees or lines like Fairyland's "chicline." I'm sorry that size just seems wayyy too fashion doll like for my tastes.
    2. Tinies - dolls starting around YoSD size and smaller, the smaller they get the more likely I am to not have them. They just don't inspire me and I tend to lose them.

      That said, I do have a few dolls in this category that have lasted despite the odds.
    3. I really don't like 70cm+ giant muscle men. Ugh to big and bulky... And veins. Other than that I like pretty much all sizes, and my favorite size is regular 50-60cm SDs
    4. I agree with most of ya'll here: anything smaller than a yosd is a no-go for me. I have a 1/12 scale off topic doll, but she's made of plastic and holds poses like a champ, but a doll that small as a stringed doll isn't appealing to me. I'd be so worried it would break, and price-wise they're usually not that much less than or are eaual to a yosd so I'd rather get the yosd.
    5. My sweet spot is the 26cm-45cm range. True tinies become too small for me to easily handle, and anything bigger than 45cms becomes much too heavy, doubly so for anything taller than 60cms. However, also I steer clear of mature MSDs and mature 26cm dolls, because the eyes they take are incredibly tiny and eyes smaller than 14mm become too difficult to work with for my disabled hands.
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    6. I would say large dolls (70+ CM) have always been of the least interest to me. I can't say I follow many people with these size dolls, and if I do follow someone, they aren't the pictures/posts that I like or seek out from their collection.

      I think it's the scale that I don't care for; it's much different to see a small doll against a "people" chair and think to yourself it's a small doll versus a large doll that simply looks like a child when seated. I can also tolerate uncanny valley more when the dolls are small.
    7. For me it's pretty much everything in the MSD range. I'm all about the big guys (I one day hope to own an 80cm!), and YoSDs and tinies can be cute and have their own charm. In contrast, I've never felt any desire to own any MSD. I just find them to be an awkward in between size, lacking the presence of SDs but lacking the cuteness of smaller dolls, and the size reminds me a bit too much of Barbie and fashion dolls.
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    8. Anything smaller than MSD seems weird to me and too small. They just don't interest me and I guess I prefer dolls with more impact and customisation.
    9. I tend to gravitate toward SD (58-62cm) sizes but I'm honestly open to anything. I collect anime figures, especially nendoroids so I'm totally cool with tiny posable things
    10. Anything msd/slim msd and ones smaller then 1/6 scale. I really want to love 1/4 scale dolls, but they seem like such an awkward size that I end up getting frustrated by them. I always try to love them though, maybe I just haven't found the right one?

      As for tiny tiny dolls, they just become too small for me to work with, in stringing/painting etc. I'd rather spend half an hour wrestling my 75 cm girl's head back on than do any restringing on those tiny ones! I also have a track record of losing tiny parts too, so there's that.
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    11. I don't like childlike tinies. Pukifee/Pukipuki/RealPukis/etc. are just... why. Too tiny, kind of creepy in that overly cutesy simpering children's book/chibi drawing kind of way, and I really hate their proportions - they look chunky.
      I'm also not fond of "pet" dolls. They're glorified sculptures, and they seem like cop-outs on companies' parts - why give away a full head for an event when you can sculpt three circles that look vaguely like a rabbit, give it tubular legs and glass eyes, and call it a day? (The obvious exception is nicely-sculpted ones, like those 3D prints of different cat species and that funny gargoyle creature.)

      This sounds salty, oops :sweat Keep on keeping on, childlike tiny and pet doll people! If everyone had the same doll preferences the hobby would be boring.
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    12. Every doll smaller than an MSD that i've seen seems to be styled very childlike, which just plain doesn't appeal to me. Tinies are also often styled like chibis, which i've never liked, ahaha,,
      some fantasy tinies are tempting to me, at least, but that's more because they're neat and unique.

      collections of YoSDs..... don't interest me. i may just have an unrefined eye since they don't catch my fancy, but so many of them look the same to me since they're styled similarly with cute pudgy cheeks, round faces, and doe eyes :'0 Honestly that goes for a lot of childlike MSDs too.
      perhaps another reason is that often collectors of YoSD/tinies don't align with the parts of the hobby that i find interesting - i like to storytell with characters, but i prefer older demographics, so of course younger characters as dolls wouldn't be my fave either.

      For whatever reason, the exception is when they're a part of a story where they're intended to be younger in relation to another larger doll - child, sibling, or what have you. then i engage.

      that said, i dont have a huge desire to own many MSDs myself either - though i like seein them (and i do have two on my wishlist) - so really i'm probably just super biased towards SDs and 70+s lmao
      #12 Crimson-Catalyst, Jun 20, 2018
      Last edited: Jun 20, 2018
    13. I like most dolls but I had to vote for the yo-sds just because they are the ones I most consistently look and think 'I'll never want that'. I like tinies and puki puki's because they are often anthropomorphized stuff that look really cute. I prefer are mature looking dolls, sd's and huge 70cm, and a few msds.
      Yo-sds fall into this no man's land between them where they are most often a human scuplt that look like little kids, and it just doesn't hit the spot for me.
    14. I have trouble enjoying tinies because I love to sew for my dolls and sewing in 1/6 and below scale is difficult for me because it requires way more hand sewing and fabric drapes differently on teeny dolls than bigger ones.

      So I must enjoy them from afar.
    15. I'd say the super itty bitty ones (like 1/12) JUST because I feel like I'm not getting my money's worth. Otherwise it's the super huge SDs... They're just so damn impractically huge, and they are just very rarely stylized in an interesting way imo. Outside of DC I can't think of ANY that are interesting enough looking to keep my attention. I guess maybe Miracle doll.

      MSDs are big enough, and the larger yo-sds (~30-35 cm) are honestly the perfect size for me to work on.
    16. For me, I don't care for anything less than 10cm or more than 60cm. :) I'm literally good with anything, as long as it's in that size range! But my two old-school 60cm boys are as big as I can handle, and my PukiPuki and Pico Dragon are as small as I'm willing to go. I've gotten to see and handle dolls within those two extremes, and while I can really admire the sculpting and work that goes into them, love seeing photos of them, and even love getting to see them in person, they're both a big "Nope!" when it comes to owning one personally. My collection stays securely in my happy 50 centimeter range!
    17. My only real size issue is how freaking SMOL Realpukis are- and then their heads are kinda topheavy. I have just one and she's enough for me. Right now I am sick so I haven't been able to do anything much with my Big dolls and that's kind of a downside to them- past 60cm they get HEAVY.
    18. I didn't think I had a size preference until I got my SD sized Ariadoll. I love her, don't get me wrong, but I still feel a pull to the tiny side, I'm unsure as to why? I love several SD sculpts but the idea of having dolls that large tend to cause me pause more than when I find a tiny sculpt I love.
      I consider my MSD sized doll collection to be finished with just 4, no real temptation within that size anymore.

      Meanwhile the tinies... from small MSD/Yo-SD size down tempt me and make me want them...
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    19. I like the presence of dolls 60 cm and up, and I'm charmed by dolls 25cm and under. They both require a different skill set and often times inspire very different things. I like that contrast. So for me, MSDs are is this awkward middle ground. Especially slim MSDs.
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    20. I reaaaally don't like msds- it actually really bugs me cause msds have the best clothing, props, and fantasy parts available for their size. But. I just can't enjoy them. I've owned an awesome MSD bimong narae but I just couldn't bond due to the size. To me they have the difficult portability of SDs, but the reduced detail of tinies, sort of a worst of both worlds situation instead of the best of both that most people find them to be. I adore mature tinies (I have an off topic bardo research peme who I've customized super cool and I love her so much, perfect pocket pal) and SDs make me super happy- 50cm range especially (I have a DT elf hybrid and a volks suwariko hybrid), though I love 70cm+ ones a ton too (like my k doll Khan). But I just can't really enjoy the dolls between 35 and 50cms for some reason .
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