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Leave Feedback for LotusBlossom

Sep 14, 2007

    1. Hi Please leave all comments if I have traded, sold, or bought from you. Thanks.
    2. fast paiment, good transaction ! A+
    3. I am new to this and still learning the system. Thanks,Aishiteru
    4. I had a terriffic trade with lotusblossom we traded my unoa mocha for her hound. and even thought i hadnt seen photos before hound before had i was so shocked how weel kept and handsome he was. he was simply amazing in person.
    5. I sold her 2.0 sweet honey faceplates. she had awesome communication and is a very friendly person. she paid really quickly when she said she was going to. she's one of the sweetest to deal with.
    6. Datumzine: Thanks the pleasure was all mine. I think we both are happy now.
      Saloir-Orbit: Thanks for your fast shipment and all your great and informative email.
    7. LotusBlossom bought a doll from me. She is extremely patient, fast, and wonderful to deal with. Thank you so much. :D
    8. Good purchase ! serious person !