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Leaving the Hobby...SAY WHAT!?

Oct 29, 2009

    1. I'm always taken aback when I see someone saying they are selling all their dolls, clothes, etc, and leaving the BJD hobby. Especially an owner who had a lot invested in it. Sometimes I randomly come across old old posts from users that I liked, only to see in the signature line that they're now done and gone with BJD's.

      Have you ever known someone who left the hobby and what did you think?
      Have you ever thought of leaving the hobby and why?
      Have you ever sold all your dolls, left the hobby, then eventually made your way back into it and bought another doll?
    2. Have you ever known someone who left the hobby and what did you think?
      Yes, it was someone who's photography I greatly admired on dA. :( I was and still am very shocked and disappointed, I don't know what could have driven someone like them to leave the hobby. If there is anyone in the world I could be, I would have loved to have been them. :sweat Their doll collection, lifestyle, job, personality, location were all just amazing. I was actually looking over their dA account last night and almost cried because I miss seeing their updates so much.

      Then there's another user/doll owner I am kind of worried might have left the hobby without a word or maybe something even worse happened. *_* Another person who's photography I loved just suddenly stopped coming on their MySpace, Flickr, dA, Facebook and DoA account. I don't know why she would suddenly do that, I don't know if she's maybe died or just lost interest or what, last time I saw her was 9 months ago. :...(

      Have you ever thought of leaving the hobby and why?
      Before I really got rolling in the hobby, yes. :sweat I thought I might leave because I was becoming too obsessed, but now I realize I was like that because they make me happy. :)

      Have you ever sold all your dolls, left the hobby, then eventually made your way back into it and bought another doll?
      Not with BJDs, no. But with other doll hobbies, yes. Anime figurines and antique dolls I did that with both of them, and I seem to have done it again. :sweat I sold all of them for BJDs and so far it hasn't bothered me one bit, BJDs are so much better. :lol:
    3. I think this is still a hobby and people do change over time. Right now, I would never imagine becoming bored with BJDs and giving them up. They really fit my interests. At the same time, when I think back, I'm not still pursuing all the same things as I was ten years ago. Some I grew bored with (like collecting frogs or Betty Boop memorabilia), some I just can't really do anymore for other reasons (like play the violin, since my wrists are bad).

      I admit, I'm also curious when people say they are giving up the hobby. But like you mentioned, if they do miss it, they can always come back...or maybe they have found something new that gives them joy. ^_^

      Hehe, I certainly don't have any plans to sell my dolls!
    4. There is always the possibility that some interpersonal conflict with someone else in the hobby drove them out. Or a personal (monetary) crisis, alas, is always a possibility.
    5. I don't think it's that outrageous an idea. It doesn't bother me at all to think that in a few years I have gone from having many to having only one, and even that one I struggle to justify keeping. It isn't that they have lost an aesthetic appeal or anything, I just find more interesting and valuable things to occupy my time.
    6. It makes me kinda sad when people do, especially the two? I've seen leave the hobby since I got into it, that left the whole hobby because of someone on DoA...

      Me personally, yes, I have my "burnout" times where I won't log on or even touch my BJDs for about a month or two, but it's usually cause I'm either, very busy or so stressed out I don't want to bother with anything.

      It's the same with all of my hobbies.

      But I'd never up and leave the hobby, it's too important to me, same with skating (Is a rink rat, hopefully gonna play hockey or speedskate next year <3)
    7. I don't know. I've been around here long enough to see more than one person come and go. Sometimes this hobby is fleeting for people- an interest that wears out. People change, so does thier interests, you know?

      I myself have never considered giving dolling up, but I did take a hiatus on the hobby when I moved out on my own for awhile. I came back when I was ready to, and when I was in better financial straights to do the things I enjoyed, again.
    8. For me my dolls are my muses and I felt myself fading out of the hobby, with a lot of financial stress I nearly sold my dolls. I did indeed part with one to help out of a nasty situation. In the end it left me with a sour taste and a strong desire to give up as I resolved to never do that. Recently (after being inactive for a year and a bit) I browsed Dolkot and saw that they are now offering albino dolls for all their dolls... Once again my interest is perked and with my money in order I can easily keep going. I will most likely not exceed four dolls that way I can maintain the hobby easiest. It also helps that my roommate is getting into dolls as well~

      Why do you want an albino doll and why did it save my interest in the hobby? Ever read Michael Morcock? Instant obsession there after.

      As for the topic, I have not known anyone to quit, though I don't really know anyone here, or in my town who collects dolls. I know they are about, but meh~~
    9. I'm curious about people leaving, but they do have their personal reasons for it. Myself? I'm probably considered an 'on hiatus' due to lack of money. I think I've thought about selling all my dolls and starting afresh, but then I realised I'm too fond of them :lol:

      My cynical question is, what defines 'leaving the hobby'? I've seen a fair number of people in the marketplace who say they're leaving the hobby.... but still talk on DoA, and then a month later they're gushing about how they've bought this doll. It made me feel like an idiot that I fell for their story (I was thinking of buying one of their dolls, and then they 'reentered' the hobby again) so unfortunately I always wonder whether it's so they can boost FS page viewings :(
    10. After our doll group's halloween party, I wasn't able to even take my dolls out of their boxes. Compared to everyone elses gorgeous dolls, mine looked really bad. But today, I got my girl Dahlia's body back, and she has a new faceup. I got to see her for the first time put back together and she just looks amazing. So I'm happy with her, and I'm going to get new faceups for everyone else so I can be happy with them again too!
    11. I second Adhara on the FS boost...

      But to answer you questions. I do find it surprising that people would leave this hobby. But than again, being as expensive as this hobby is, it is bound to bring on some financial pressures at times for most people. It can be so damn frustrating sometimes that Money can be a major issue in this hobby. And the companies that make buying difficult pushing up the second hand market prices:x

      I have thought about the possibilities of leaving the hobby. But I could never just cut my ties with this hobby completely. I might end up selling a large proportion of my collection but keep a few that's really important. It has become financially exhausting at times, and I do take temporary breaks to get by. But one day, it might become all too much for me. Because of all the damn dolls the companies keep pumping out =_= I want them all:...(

      And yes, I would definitely come back to the hobby if things are looking up money wise. But that's if I'd ever give-up on this hobby completely:sweat If I can, I would like this to be a life long obsession :whee:
    12. I can definitely see becoming less active in the hobby--right now I'm on the forums a lot partly because I'm underemployed and have some time to kill. If I had a really demanding job or a kid I'd be on here less. But I can't imagine selling all my dollies. I do have one I'm selling, but that's because we never quite bonded--y'all know how that can be, I'm sure. It does sort of seem like the people who totally leave the hobby are really into it beforehand--like 10+ dolls, limited editions, etc. Maybe they got freaked out by the spendy-ness of it all--I just saw a rather sobering thread where people were adding up the actual cost of their bjds, counting eyes and wigs and clothes and all that... and it was a lot. 20 dolls could represent 15 grand for some people. (I'm not judging. Just saying.) Or they just got over it. I can't imagine being over my BJDs, but when I was five I couldn't imagine being over my My Little Ponies, you know? I think I'd keep my dollies around, though, even if I wasn't posting anymore.
    13. I have a hard time imagining that I would ever completely "quit" as my dolls are personifications of RP characters and selling them would feel like selling custom art I've had made. I tend to hang onto my things even if I don't use them for long periods of time, for instance I still have my custom WH40k Space Marine army boxed up after 4 years of not touching them. They'll still be there when I feel like playing with them again. I can see ceasing my participation in the hobby - no longer coming to DoA and posting pictures and buying doll things - but I'm not selling my guys. If something came along that I was more interested in and I lost desire to do things with my dolls, I'd put them away just like I've done with my other hobby things.

      I've never personally known anyone who has quit the hobby though there have been a couple people that I was sad to see go because I liked their photography. I'm sure I'll see more as time passes, but there are always new people coming in too.

      On the upside, Leaving the Hobby sales can be awesome and I'm always on the lookout for them. You have the chance to get long sought after goodies when they liquidate their hoarded assortment of rare dolly items. :)
    14. Have you ever known someone who left the hobby and what did you think?
      Nope. However, whenever I see a member seriously leaving the doll hobby and selling all of their dolls, I get a little curious why they're leaving. Is it because of financial reasons? Are they moving and couldn't take their dolls? Are they terminally ill? Some thoughts like that...

      Have you ever thought of leaving the hobby and why?
      I have thought about it due to real life becoming busy and financial reasons. However, I like all my dolls and just decided to take long breaks from the doll hobby to focus on myself and other non-financially straining hobbies.

      Have you ever sold all your dolls, left the hobby, then eventually made your way back into it and bought another doll?

      If you count taking a 3-5 month inactivity from the doll hobby (ie: not going to doll meets, not buying new dolls, not buying clothes/accessories, etc) as leaving...

      However, when I became active again, I sold some dolls that I wasn't fond of anymore.

      I don't know if being inactive from the hobby for a few months is seen as "leaving the hobby."

      Edit because I forgot to add:
      I think I will definitely leave the hobby if I become terminally ill or just desperately need money.

      But definitely, if I get diagnosed with a terminal illness, I'll have to give up all my dolls.
    15. I've seen a lot of people leave the doll hobby especially in the Korean doll community.
      People just seem to grow out of the hobby or come to a financial block that leads them to
      sell the dolls and move on. : d
      To be honest, I've thought about leaving too. I'm still not sure when it will be, but I think I will also
      fade out of the scene.. It's somewhat depressing but part of the many changes a person face
      in her/his life.
    16. Eh, I don't think I'll ever leave this hobby, at least not in the next 5-7 years unless I get married or something. I've always loved dolls and creating personae and all that entails for them. Never even considered leaving this hobby even though I don't have close dolly friends.
    17. It's not really shocking since interests and people change. I invested alot into EGL clothes and was pretty obsessed with it for a couple of years but now I've fallen out of it completely. I've been trying to sell the last of it away for awhile lol! I did the same kind of thing with Pullips too. I may very well stop being interested in my BJDs and sell them oneday too. Although, this is more likely to stick longer as I've loved them for about 10 years despite not owning one myself. :)
    18. Have you ever known someone who left the hobby and what did you think?
      Yes, A few! I was sorry to see them go, like "Oh it's the end of an era" but I knew they had to be doing what was right for them. One isn't really supposed to "announce" it, but I see people mentioning it in their sales threads mostly, as most people give a reason for why they're selling their divers whatsits. At least one has come back.
      I think sometimes there's a lot of social drama with forums. Discussions or debates get messy, people say things they wish they hadn't or feel disliked. That's par for the course in any group. It hasn't stopped me! XD

      Have you ever thought of leaving the hobby and why?
      Yes, but only in the abstract really. I think I'm far more likely to be thrown out than leave! I'm great at winning friends and influencing people, lol! But no even if I was, I'd still be doing what I do. I would just have to do it somewhat differently. Life throws you a lot of curveballs, what are you gonna do? Lie down and die? I just keep stumbling along, trying to progress in my chosen not-taken-seriously art form.

      Have you ever sold all your dolls, left the hobby, then eventually made your way back into it and bought another doll?
      No. I have way fewer dolls than I used to, but my life would have to change substantially for me to stop thinking in doll form. I did it long before bjd, I'll do it after. Though I hope there isn't an after! ^_~

    19. Yes I have seen and known lots of people who have left the hobby.
      It's kind of sad when people I knew lose interest because like right now I feel that many of the people I knew and began to make friends with when I first started w/ bjd are no longer as interested
      or when websites and that are no longer active because those who ran it are on to other things.

      I have thought of leaving the hobby before. I've wanted to cut my collection down to one doll several times (and done it just once).
      I once had like 7 or 8 dolls in the works and at the same time my local community was changing a bit too. It was very overwhelming. I sold off all but my Yori.
      In the process I had won Ryu in the Volks Lottery. I still had an SD body left over at the end. It was kind of an odd thing because it was Bianka's body I had bought for another doll
      and I really had no intention of getting a Bianka until I just had the body left and fell for the pic on the box. ^^
      I look at it as a growing period because the dolls I have now mean much more to me.
      To me BJD collecting is much different than when I first started, much more personal than social, and my tastes have changed a lot.

      I think it's funny when people say they are leaving then come back because I go back and forth like that with one of my other hobbies.
      Sometimes you want to quit for certain reasons but something keeps drawing you back in.:)
    20. I've not known anybody personally that's left, though I've come across posts where someone has decided to leave and sell off their collection. People's interests can change overtime, and it's inevitable that not everyone will stick around.

      I've never considered it myself--I get far to much enjoyment out of them to leave the hobby--it's possible that my doll buying may slow down or stop for a time, and depending on what's going on I may spend more/less time on-line, but I see no reason to leave. I think one of the things that keeps it enjoyable for me is that it overlaps with a lot of my other interests which keeps the appeal going. A lot of my dolls are also my beloved characters which adds a whole nother dimension to things as well.