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Leaving your dolls in the trunk?

May 4, 2018

    1. Hey everyone! I just had a question about something I'm concerned about. I'm going to Doll North this year and on the Sunday we check out at 12 but will still be at the convention. Anime North as well! I don't want to carry my doll around all day so I was thinking of getting a cooler, sitting my doll up inside and putting it in my trunk. And hopefully park in the shade! Last year we bought two dolls and left them in the trunk on the last day in only a blanket and they were fine.

      I just don't want my doll to get ruined! Or melt or something :sigh
    2. Your doll wont melt. :P We left our dolls in teh car from 12-3 during contest announcements and what not and they were fine. The only thing I'd be concerned about would be hot glue sueding. THAT might melt. Lol. A cooler may still get warm because you don't have teh /cool/ inside to keep it cool. Otherwise, maybe putting them in a back seat with the windows slightly cracked may help your cause.
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    3. I've had a WIG melt in the trunk before. But my dolls were perfectly fine (I definitely don't make a habit of leaving them in the trunk tho, that was a special circumstance)
    4. In the heat, vinyl dolls (e.g. DD and DDS) are more of a concern than resin, I would think. The only problem I have in hot temperatures sometimes is that their eyes slip out of place because the putty slips.
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    5. I’d be careful. Resin is plastic and plastic CAN warp in extreme heat. I guess as long as it’s not long-term it should be fine, but if it’s an all day thing I’d find another place to store them.
    6. Ive seen people boil their BJDs and they have been fine, cant speak from personal expericence but the doll itself would probably be ok
    7. She should be fine in the trunk of the car, it's often cooler than the rest of the vehicle. As others have said, glues and similar (like on wigs or eye putty) may melt a little, but it's not supposed to be crazy hot that weekend.
    8. My sister had a wig melt from leaving her doll in a hot car in summer. I've also had eye putty melt, get really oily and drip down the neck, all over the string. (This was in summer in Kentucky, where temperatures can get over 100 degrees F, which means it probably was close to 150-200 in the car). It didn't cause any permanent damage to the doll, but it was not fun to clean and I had to get new string and putty. However, recently at a con, I did leave resin in the trunk for a couple of hours, and it was just fine. It really depends on the temperature in the car/trunk. If the weather isn't too hot, and you have the doll in a cooler as you suggested, it'll probably be fine. If you're really worried, maybe remove the wig and eyes and take them with you in your bag or something. I don't think just a couple of hours would harm the resin itself. After all, dolls do spend a lot of time in transit during shipping, and some of those mail trucks don't have AC in the back!
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    9. Thank you all for the answers!! I'm glad you mentioned the wig melting because my wig is made with glue! It isn't supposed to be too hot so I think she will be okay with the cooler! I may even put a freezer pack in a ziplock bag and wrap it in a towel to maybe keep it cool so the eyes and wig don't melt. Thank you all again! :love
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    10. I did have a doll in my car once. His wig kind of melted as well as his eye putty. I didn't think it was even that hot of a day, I was going somewhere after work and wanted to bring him with me, but it wasn't the best idea. I would try not to again if I could afford it.
    11. I was going to ask this same question next week! Going to pick up a doll I purchased a couple hours away and wanted to turn the trip into a mini vacation for the day, so I was going to get my doll in the morning and play around the rest of the day before returning home, all while leaving the doll in my car. He has his company box, which is what I was going to leave him in. He will be in there from at least 11am til the evening, and now I'm worried that that is too long! I'm going to do like others have suggested and remove his wig and eyes at least. >.<
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    12. Just a side word from a long-term con-goer -- take a look at the venue of the con and be aware that if there is a lot of "civilian" traffic or access to the parking lot, that there are people who cruise parking lots during conventions or other events specifically because they know people leave things in their cars/trunks. Ask the front desk (if a hotel) or admissions if they've had any problems in the past or do they have security patrolling the parking lot. Keep a sharp eye out yourself.

      If a hotel, you can ask if they have a baggage room for people checking out but staying around. Often they do and it's like a checkroom, with staff taking your case and giving you a split numbers-tag you redeem. If it's just a free-access space anyone can walk in and out of, don't do that option.

      A cooler is good camoflage rather than a suitcase or doll carrier, but if you have an over-the-shoulder carrier, it can't hurt to keep your doll with you.
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    13. Yes, most hotels have a place you can store your luggage after you check out. Although not with dolls I know that's what I did when staying at the Sheraton last year. Check the hotel website or send an email asking if they have room to store your bags after checking out.
    14. As a seasoned Anime North attendee, I can assure you it will not be that hot this May. It may never get that hot in May ever again (thank you, climate change). Also, the hotel where doll north was hosted last year had a special lock-box room for people attending the con and who were also guests. They're usually pretty accommodating, especially if you're also staying at or near the hotel.
      I wouldn't leave anything too valuable in the trunk though, even with security patrolling the parking lots I heard a few people had break ins.
    15. Just to chime in that faceups can also melt after hours in hot weather.
    16. My dolls travelled in a non-climate controlled truck on a week-long drive during temperatures in the high 30sC/90sF, and the only heat damage was because I'd forgotten to take a wig off of one doll before boxing him up and it stained slightly when the colour bled from the heat.

      Obviously some materials might be more likely to melt, but I had no issues with any of the faceups, eyes, clothes, or the 30 dolls themselves other than that one wig.