leaving your dolls

Aug 24, 2019

    1. leaving your dolls, but not permanently. How do you all feel when leaving your dolls alone for a long period of time,like recently ive been on vacation for almost 2 weeks in the usa and all my dolls stayed home accept for 2 dollfies which i returned to my friend with a new face up,but mine where stuck at home, i get a little sad when i have to leave them for so long cus i know theyre just sitting in my room looking creepy for the rest of my family to walk in on, how do you guys feel when you leave your dolls and cant take them,
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    2. I miss my dolls whenever I'm unable to see or interact with them for awhile too. This includes vacations, but also whenever I just have long stretches of work / school and aren't able to give them a lot of attention. I think about them though and I'll peak at some photos I'd taken of them that are stored in my phone or posted to my IG account every now-and-then. I try to give them attention whenever I get the next chance to. :)
    3. Most of the times I don't even remember I have dolls in the closet, so....
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    4. Most often I take a doll (or dolls) with me when I go away, but it's not a problem if I don't - I took four with me to WorldCon last week and never even opened the bag they were packed in for the trip.

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    5. Leaving my dolls for holidays makes me miss them but on the other hand I'll get very excited to see them again.
      Yet I'm thinking about bringing my smallest doll with me on my next trip:3nodding:
    6. I'm not too bothered about leaving my dolls for long periods of time. I moved abroad 6 months ago and only brought one doll with me (though have since acquired a friend for her haha). The only times I miss them is when I see other peoples pictures, but that quickly passes ^^
    7. Who says I leave my doll? I take the smaller version of Chaeri to work with me, and though I haven't had the mini (47cm) Riri long, I wouldn't be gone overnight without her.

      Yeah, yeah, I'm obsessed.
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    8. I've always been told that I have sort of infinite patience, so when I moved last year, I left my dolls at my parents house instead of bringing them with me. I could have brought them, because it's not short vacations, but I knew I would end up moving again, so I didn't want to deal with so many boxes. I miss them (in fact, they're the only objects I miss from my parent's house), but I know they're safe and I'll see them again, so it's fine.

      That's super cute, I'd like to do that too for future trips! The photos you can take can make the experience lovely, especially when you check those photos in the future.
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    9. I leave my dolls at home most of the time in fear of them getting lost or stolen or what have you. I am thinking about taking them out to the park or to a woodsy area and do some photo ops/shoots. Especially once my one doll gets a completed faceup.
    10. I have noticed I made almost all my impulse doll purchases while on a vacation. But honestly the difference isn't big. I have my dolls packed away in a cupboard all the time, I can't see anything about them around our house (well maybe sometimes, if I have ongoing projects) and I rarely take them out of the boxes, especially not many at a time. And I don't feel too bad travelling without my dolls, since in my opinion leaving a doll home makes them a million times more safe than taking them with you to a long trip. Even though sometimes I see pretty awesome photography sites or landscapes and feel sorry for not having anything but selfies to take.
    11. I left my dolls in storage at my mom's house for nearly five years before I was able to retrieve them. I was sad to do it, but I had to realize that with how often I was moving, and with what little room I had, that it wasn't practical to take them with me every single time.

      I agree, though, with the other people who have said that since they leave their dolls in their boxes/cabinets/closets/etc., they don't miss them as much as someone who has their dolls out and set up all the time. I'm sure I would be the same way!
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    12. I went on vacation recently and left my dolls at home. I knew they were safe and waiting for me to return.
    13. I went on holiday to the USA for 2 weeks a couple of years ago. I had two dolls at the time - I left them at home as I know they're safe there. I really thought I would miss them, but I don't remember thinking about them much while I was away as there was so much going on. It was really great seeing them again when I got back though - kind of like meeting up with a friend you haven't seen in awhile lol.
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    14. As a working adult, trying to be responsible, there are long stretches of time where I can't interact with my dolls at all. I miss them, but the separation anxiety I felt before, when I first had my dolls, is gone.
    15. I think I experienced this in the beginning of my doll collecting. I wanted to just surround myself all the time with my dolls and all their stuff all the time. At one point, I was regularly spending time at a hospital with a family member so I took a small doll with me to entertain myself with photography practice. But I’ve realized over time, I don’t feel lonely without a doll. They are just things to me. It’s the community and the peripheral hobby of photography that I enjoy the most.
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    16. I miss everything when I’m gone. But especially my pets.
    17. When I'm away, I'm usually having too much fun on vacation to miss them too much. If I plan to do anything doll related while away (convention, meeting an online doll friend, doll meet, etc), I take a doll with me. Sometimes, I take one just on a regular vacation, but then I usually regret it when I have to carry them everywhere or leave them in a hotel or car and worry about if they're safe. I know they're fine at home.

      However, I'm in the process of looking for a place to live, which means moving, and tearing down the dioramas I spent so much time, money and effort building and putting the dolls on a shelf or to the side is really sad for me. I know right before moving, they'll get packed up and put away, either in my closet or my sister's house, and I'll miss them then, I'm sure. Being away and preoccupied with fun stuff is one thing, being home and knowing your dolls are there and not out is totally different.
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    18. Wow, this is a really relevant topic for me right now. :3nodding: I'm currently staying at my parents' place with no definite end date in sight (I'm hoping sooner, but I might have to end up staying through mid September....), and leaving behind my dolls was super rough. Especially since I'd just completed a new doll and barely got a chance to play with him before I had to go. :( I already wish I could be back home with them, but for now I have lots of pictures to look at and I can still write and talk about them.

      Since I work from home, I hadn't realized how much I relied on having one on my desk with me while I work. Work drags a lot more when I'm by myself. :sigh
    19. I tend to miss my pets over my dolls, wondering how they're faring and all. The dolls I know are fine. They don't miss me when I'm away, but my animals usually do and even with having a friend or relative stopping by to look after them for me, I still worry for them. Especially my one cat who is older now and can stress out more easily.
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    20. I feel this way sometimes. My my current living arrangements means most of my dolls are in storage, so I don't interact with them as much as I'd like.