Lee-el : 90cm Dolls

May 2, 2013

    1. Opening May 3 and I'm super excited to see these!

      I lightened up one of the photos to see them better, but the quality isn't good because I lost some data in the process.

    2. I'm really excited about this news! I can't wait to see more pictures, and especially the body, how it is sculpted. Just sad that there's no girl!
    3. it's gonna weight half of me, I guess...
    4. The one on the right. Oh god.. I like him °A°
      I might think on them... but not before I buy my beloved Lacrimosa *A*
      90cm... such big boys.. there will be surely some problems in getting pants xD
    5. Is the company from China or Korea?
    6. I can only imagine the price for a doll that size. I do want to see the bodies of course too.
    7. No idea, as the website isn't open yet. Just a teaser is up on the front page.
    8. I'm curious on the price, as well. Considering Lusions are 10cm shorter than them, and they are usually upwards of $1300USD, I really wonder what these guys will be o.o

      I asked them about that, and they are planning on some girls :)
    9. I hope they will take layaway. My poor wallet! My guess is they will be around $700 - $800. Who knows. They may even be cheaper! We will find out tomorrow.
    10. Oh! Thanks a lot for the info! ^_^
    11. So far they look promising, but I am wondering if they are going to have tall lanky bodies with small heads like Mecha Angels are . . .

      I like my doll heads big.
    12. Hm. Interesting. I wonder if they are scaled 1/3 or 1/2. 1/2 just doesn't work in my collection. Really, really tall 1/3 OTOH...
    13. They seem like they will be having other sizes as well, but are pushing their most unique first. The back shots of the others are pretty nice looking, especially the bums...terrible for pants, but I just love anice one >.>; I already have a DSAM32 from DollShe, honestly those boys are already quite big enough for me, and I am 5'10' haha. Can't wait to see the, and I hope they will be supplying a good amount of clothes for you all to sample lol
    14. They still look really handsome. Pretty excited for 90cms!
    15. hot damn! I want a large girl to work with... ^^ and wouldnt the 1300 price be a full set? I imagine a blank doll not outfit would be much less... but OMG the shipping ><.... I wonder if group orders would be better or worse? And I am the same as the rest... my wallet sheiked in pain when I saw this lol...

      oh and for me if I got the guys, the brunette on the left as far as I can tell :aheartbea

      Sorry multi quote won't ... i can't make it work sorry mods ><

      anyhow, I am confused, I see so many different measurments ... what is the scale based on.... 1/3 or 1/2 of WHAT? ... because a doll that says its 1/3 and is 70cm is not the same as an 80 or 90cm claiming 1/3.
      So I have decided to work from barbie scale which 1/6 is based on a 6 foot real life... so in that case a 90cm should be 1/2.... right O_o? this has been a dilema for me lol...

    16. Looks like the price posted on them so far is 990.
    17. They seems promising! I rather much like the guy in red, he looks gorgeous! :D I wonder if the price is for the fullset or just the naked doll? Or would they be selling the basic version...

      @chinadoll, I believe it's a Korean company as the website is registered to a Korean person and address.
    18. are the rest of you able to get to the site?... i could when this page was first posted but now I can't get in past that front page image... no matter how I go (like click the pic or type in the url).
    19. damn... I was reaaaally hoping it was a Chinese company.

      I really thought my collection was finally finished but I LOVE tall dolls! Then again I still need to see more to see just how much I might drool over these.

      Some super tall mature females are definitely needed too! My Loong Soul girl is the tallest good female. I like female Mecha Angel faces, but I dont' like their bodies so much. Would be great to have another good option in this height range.

      They said they would reveal more on the 3rd.
    20. These look really good so far. I wish they were as cheap as Angel of Dream's 90cms though. :sweat