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Leeke Eye glasses Pre-order

Oct 9, 2005

    1. Leeke is making some really cool glasses on pre order - there are 15 different styles, 5 colours (Silver, Gold, Red-brown, Blue-green & Black) & 3 sizes (SD13 boys/Unoss, SD/SD13 girl, MSD). ^_^

      The pre-order is from Oct 12-19th, and will take 3-4 weeks to produce after that. They're $45 each.

    2. Oh wow, they're really nice! Better set some money aside from the monthly budget before I spend it all in the first two weeks ^_^;

    3. *Must resist buying glasses for a doll that doesn't even exist yet*
    4. Yeesh!
      They're nice, but those cost as much as the frames for my real glasses!
    5. ^-^'' I so know what you mean.... ¬_¬.. *tempted*
    6. They're gorgeous, but why so expensive? :cry: Same price as Luts ones, I know :/
    7. T-T Whyyy??? First the DoTs, now these really really amazing glasses!! I need to learn how to work metal, I'd make a killing! Ahaha...
    8. Does anyone wanna hazzard a guess at what size Iwould want for a hound doll on these eyeglasses? The options are MSD (not really! lol)... so either the SD13 girls& SD.... or SD boy... I don't understand what the difference would be?.. So yeah ^-^ Thank you!
    9. Additional info from the Japanese Leeke World site:

      The nosepads are made of silicone to protect your doll's resin, and are removable.

      These glasses are constructed like real eyeglasses, and use optical-grade coated glass for the lenses.

      (If I'm interpreting this correctly) They are also creating glasses-cases. I don't *think* the glasses cases are sold separately, but the grammar is kind of weird.
    10. Anyone else having trouble telling the differences between the images.. Are there really 15 styles? It seems to me, by looking at the number like LG-001-3; LG is size, 001 is color, and 3 is style. Meaning there are only 3 styles, right? Per the description they are Square, Narrow & Long Oval, and Round Oval. Or is that just general style and they all vary slightly somehow? *feels like a dork*
    11. I'm having a hard time telling the differences, too. At first I thought the different styles were also separated into whether they had clear, black, or brown nosepads... but the new pictures seem to suggest that the nosepads are colored to match the frame (blue for blue frames, red for red frames).

      I hate not being sure!
    12. There are the three styles, and they're all seperated out by color. I believe it's just so you can see each style in each color.

      I ordered a pair for Cassue. Gold rectangle. ^_^
    13. Does anybody know if these glasses will go on sale in the online store after the initial pre-order? Or will we have to wait for another pre-order to come around to get a pair?
    14. my friend is wondering that too- she missed out on the preorder
    15. I would love to know as well. I am interested in getting cool sunglasses for my dolls. :oops: