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Leeke Has New Wig Colors!

Feb 14, 2006

    1. Ooooo... that milk caramel is quite yummy.

      And is it my monitor or does Lt. Blond #301 look like it's got a tinge of green compared to Lt. Milk Brown #K16?
    2. Lt. Blond doesn't look green to me, but I'm sure it's a completely different color. Lt. Milk Brown is a bit darker IRL than pictured.


      No clue what Lt. Blond looks like IRL though.

      I'd honestly rather have the unnatural colors back, these new ones are still rather natural. Of course, no use complaining lol. xD
    3. Do they do a size 6 ?
    4. I think Leeke themselves are a size 6-7? The wigs you want should just be listed under the "Leeke" wig section.

      I'm going to have to get a few Leeke wigs someday. Cute styles..but their wig inventory is a bit confusing to navigate. I'm not a big fan of fantasy colors, so it really doesn't bother me that much.
    5. I too am really disapointed in the removal of the fantasy colors. Now I wish I had bought that black-purple wig I've been wanting for about a year. :( I don't really have a good use for it, but ...I wanted it, dangit.

      Anyone know if there was a reason? Like, they didn't sell well enough or something? Or if they have any leftovers in fantasy colors?