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Leeke M shoes, fit MSD?

Jan 24, 2008

    1. I wonder if leeke M-boysgirls fit MSD?? are the white pairs patent leather or normal? looks like normal but the bow confuses me

      I would really love this pair http://www.leekeworld.com/images/img/783_f_01.jpg
      But they are like never in stock? i think leeke is a strange site :?
    2. They fit some minis and don't fit others. Every company's minis are different. What doll are you asking about?

      I recommend you edit your thread title (edit first message, pick advanced, edit title) and add the doll types you are asking about to your title. For example, if you mean specifically Volks MSD, maybe say: Leeke M shoes - fit Volks MSD boy/girl? That way people who own the same dolls as you and have bought Leeke shoes will probably read and answer your question.

      All I know is that Leeke shoes are slim and fit a 5.5cm long x 2.3cm wide (at widest point) foot with a small bit of room.

      So if your minis are Dollmore, my guess would be no since they have 6.0cm feet. If your minis are Volks then my guess would be no because their feet are wide. But I could be wrong because I do not have those dolls.

      I have a Narae (5.5x2.3cm foot) and I do own those shoes, and they fit her pretty well, with a bit of room in width and length but not a lot.

      Re Leeke shoes always being out of stock - you only linked to the photo so I can't tell where you were looking. If you happened to be looking in the Pre-order section, yes those are always marked Out Of Stock because they are pre-orders.

      If you were looking in the normal Shoe section, yes the shoes are often out of stock, but not always. When I wanted those shoes I had to stalk them - I tried to check them every day, and when I finally caught them in stock (2 months later) I immediately ordered them myself, paying the steep shipping of $23 or so. There was a group order in the DoA Marketplace at the time for non-preorder Leeke stuff but I was afraid if I waited for the group order to close and order, the shoes would be gone. (I do join group orders for pre-order Leeke items because they can't go out of stock that way - you will get what you order, eventually. But often just a small group of items are available for preorder)

      BTW - Leekeworld does seem to have those shoes available for preorder, but I don't think there is a Marketplace group doing a preorder for Leekeworld shoes, so you would have to order them yourself.

      And those shoes are not patent leather, though the bow does look a bit shinier on some.

      Other places to find Leeke shoes

      I checked Denver Doll for you - they carry a small selection of Leekeworld wigs and shoes, but I don't see those shoes there.

      Occassionally Ajumapama USA does a pre-order for Leeke shoes and Karin(?) who runs Ajumapama USA gives a link to that in the Marketplace. I recently pre-ordered Leeke shoes through here so send her a PM (Karin) and ask her if her Leeke shoe pre-order is still going on and ask for a link to it. I don't remember if her small number of preorder shoes included that style. But PM her right away because the Leeke wig pre-order ended at 9AM today (Jan 24,2008) so maybe the shoe order did too (though I really think the shoe order ended earlier this month).

      I'd also like to mention that the quality of Leeke shoes is fantastic. And I love the way the strap hooks on those - you pre-move one buckle part and the other part simply hooks over it, so you don't have to go crazy trying to do a tiny buckle!

    3. Well, if i meant dollmore mini, mini fee or other i would have said so, i mean MSD volks ;)

      Thank you so much for the info. I hope they fit, i will try to look up measurement for msd feet and start stalking...
    4. A lot of people on DoA call any mini "MSD". (I don't)

      I see you don't have your Volks yet. I doubt if any of the size charts list the foot width. Most companies do not provide that measurement. I also don't think it was part of the "Detailed Measurements" thread's requests on DoA. Your best bet may be to ask a Volks MSD owner. I know member Chienism has one and she may also own some Leekeworld mini shoes - maybe you could ask her.

      Good luck!

    5. I don't have any Leeke shoes but the standard Volks MSD feet are 5.6cm x 2.6cm. You'll need to compare that with the inside shoe measurements, if you can find them. : ) Make sure there will be a few mm of room, especially if your doll will be wearing stockings. I know a lot of people use them for MNF or Unoa so my guess is that they'll be too slim.
    6. Okey thanks! i hope someone has the doll that they are made for, but i did see it mention MSD somewhere, but as said can mean anything :(
    7. Just suggesting again - you know you are talking about Volks MSD but people who skim the titles don't. Think about saying Volks MSD in your title. You might get your answer then.