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Leeke October Plan~

Oct 8, 2010

    1. A plan of OCTOBER in LEEKEWORLD

      Oct 8th - Find the hidden pictures.
      -. Find the hidden pictures within the goods of Leekeworld.
      -. You can check the hidden pictures on October 8th.
      -. First, you have to find the hidden pictures and check the item name.
      -. Second, you have to make an order and than please send an email to english@leekeworld.com with your order number and the item's name.
      -. We will send the gift and your order.
      -. The gift will be given to the first 100 arrivals.
      -. If you buy 1 usd items like Hair Net or magnet, it's fine. If you find the hidden pictures, you will get great gift.

      October 11th to November 7th - The first clothes design contest
      -Receipt : webmaster@Leekeworld.com
      -You could send the pictures or be costumed the picture of clothes and so on.

      Application Form:
      (1)Name / Website ID / E-mail / Telephone Number /Address / Zip Code
      (2) Detailed explanation about shoes design
      (3) Drawing Or Pictures
      ( must submit Chapter 3 - front image, side image, back image )
      -. Winner of the prize's shoes of design is going to product in Leekeworld and sell.
      -. We are going to give winner of the prize for 100 dollars(USD) as Store credit.
      (4) Winner is informed in the notice on November 15th.

      Oct 11th- Re-stock items.
      -. We will update the wigs of W & LR.
      -. We will update the Shoes of LS and Horn Parts.
      -. LS-190, LS-191, LS-192, LS-194
      -. W113, W116, W117
      -. LR-065, LR-066, LR-068, LR-070, LR-071, LR-073

      Oct 13th - Restock the eyes
      -. We will re-stock LG glass eyes which are out of stock now.

      October 13th to November 30th
      -. we will sell the Mask Pack for customer's skin (special products).
      -. All of the proceeds will be donating to Save the children.

      The day of donates: The end of December 2010.

      Oct 15th - Premium Membership
      -. Premium membership procedures and instructions will be updated soon.

      Oct 22th - New Items
      -. We will update the new products on the website.
      -. Wig Stand, clean set, Make-up set and so on.

      Oct 25th - Surprising Events
      -. We will update Surprising Event on Oct 25th in our website.

      These in the below plans are unsettled.
      -We are preparing the Leekeworld’s Winter Event in December.
      -. We are making new items.
      -. We are making new DollLeeke.

      >> for 8 oct: Leeke prepared 3 hidden pictures, which we need to find out :lol:

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    2. I'm confused--on the design contest, is it just shoes, or is it an entire outfit?
    3. Will there be a lot of choice of the free doll with membership or just a few to choose from?

      Special treatment from Leeke for Premium member :lol:
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      milliemoos:I don't know and it seems Leeke won't reply any question at here. It's better to ask directly ^^