LEEKE Owners of Sweet, Honey, Bambi collective clothing list

Aug 9, 2005

    1. OK evryone I talk too gives me different sizes of Manufactored clothing that they can wear.
      Fo example, they can wear 10" Ann Estelle clothing, that souneded right because they are almost the same height, then someone else says no, they wear the Tiny Ann E. clothing, but she is only 8" high, but the rest of her is supposed to be a closer fit for Our Leeke dolls.
      So lets start a clothing list for Leeke dolls.
      Put only on the list what you know to be true, not what you heard or guessed. If you have a picture Even better.
      Here is my Honey - Genevieve wearing two outfits
      1. She has on a 10" Ann Estelle dress on and a wig size 6-7 Sabrina, from Audreys
      The dress does fit but it is a little too long and a little too wide. the wig fits great looks great.
      2. This dress is a custom made dress for Ginny and other 8" dolls, it said it would not fit Riley because she is too small. The wig is Lexy form Audreys size 6-7 Fits great looks great The dress fits pretty good, them hem is just below her knees (it might be better longer) the bodice fits but no extra room at all.
    2. That second dress is really cute :D What size shoes is she wearing? I was looking at the 8" Ann Estelle doll's clothes and thought they were really cute but figured they wouldn't fit. It's nice to know the might.

      Wish I had some to add myself but other than Anne Estelle 10" clothes, I haven't tried anything else.

    3. I have a Tiny Betsy--same manufacturer and body size as the 8" Ann Estelle. There is NO WAY that the clothing will fit a Leeke body. My Tiny Betsy is put away somewhere and I don't have time to drag her out for a comparison photo; trust me, the 8" AE doll may be only 2" shorter than the 10" AE, but she's like half the shoulder width, waist girth, head size, etc. and her hands are much closer to Barbie size than to Leeke. NO WAY.
    4. That's what I think. The place where I got the Ginny oufits said Ginny was bigger than Riley and Tiny Ann. I do think the Ginny dress fits better than the 10" Ann Estelle dress does, but I wish it were about an 1" longer, and 1/2" bigger around the waist. I got an other dress that I like even better but my Camera's batteries died. This place is
      on- line doll clothing shop that's going out of business. Most Of their stuff is gone, but there are still some nice things there. I got the last 3 heirloom dresses, they are very well made and were half off. Don't get the Ginny size socks they won't fit.
    5. Her shoes are 44mm by 15mm at Audreys, good prices and she was having a sale too.
      When my Camera is fixed I will get a picture of her wearing her Lexy wig and some tan ankle boots both from Audreys on sale, with the dress she looks very Victorian.
    6. Here is the other dress I got that is Ginny size, pretty close fit.
    7. That dress is adorable!! :D
    8. I second that about her dress, and ooh, that wig is super-cute on her, too...
    9. Yes I love that wig, and the dress was only $25 on sale. The wig is even cuter in person, I think I'm going to get one in a pale blond too.
      Thank you for the compliments.Genevieve is blushing.
    10. D'oh! I just realized I have a really cute Ginny outfit or two that are floating around here somewhere!

      *runs off to look*
    11. Just letting everyone know that Jpopdolls.net will carry new platform Mary Janes for Leeke dolls in 6 colors of shiney patent leather and Chobits Chi Mohair wigs in 6 colors starting in about 3 weeks. I have snow skin Honey myself and love her beyond reason :chibi I must go play with the samples.
    12. Weee! I can't wait to see the new shoes and wigs :D So how did you ever chose between your snow skin and your basic skin? I love the way the corners of the mouth are painted in on the basic skin Honey that I have but I love the white skin so much. For right now I'm just keeping both until I grow the guts to paint in the corners of the white skin version's mouth.
    13. It was very hard and I almost kept both, but my normal skin was unpainted and I had promised myself no more 2 or more of each. I used to do that all the time with other dolls, so I let her go, I still miss her though :crushed . I think you are wise to keep both, after all it really is not the same doll.
    14. Hee hee, well if I had as many dolls as you I wouldn't do doubles either...lol :D If I sold my basic skin one, I'd have 2 dolls :oops:
    15. I'm looking forward to seeing the shoes!
    16. I got a for Patsyette today and tried it on My Honey, it was a good fit but short. But they are ment to be short on the Patsyette too. If you have seen any old "Little Rascals" Movies from the 30's, the dresses on the girls are quite short. Thats when Patsy first came out. She is tall. Also today I got a flyer from a doll shop, Tonner is making a doll that is 10" tall and is Alice in Woderland, she has a cute wardrobe, and they say the same size as Tyler's sister Marley. I bet those clothes would fit. However They are expensive. About $50 a set. I love the "Alice dress" but it comes only on the doll, and she is priced at $99.
    17. bumping for any new info. I just bought a Leeke Fancy, and want to find out what all my clothing options are.
    18. I use 10" Ann Estelle patterns for my Ching and Sweet. They are a tad bit long, so I just shorten the hem. Here's a couple pics of them in some clothes I made from the patterns.



      I bought the patterns here: http://www.morrisseyagency.com/dolls/estelle.html
      Prices are great too.

      The shoes I bought at Kemper for $4.00 a pair. Size 45mm, excellent fit. Here's a link: http://www.kemperdolls.com/index.php?link=product&ID=347

      I got the mohair wigs at Kemper too, size 6-7.

      Hope this helps! :)
    19. Just ordered some patterns they look cool! Also loved the crochet patterns.
    20. Thanks for this lead everyone. I'm going to dig out my Ginny and MA 8" girls clothings in anticipation of my tiny's arrival, a snow skin honey.

      Salena - you're right about tiny betsy and tiny ann estelle (8" tall). I've got both these girls too. They're very skinny, almost half the size of Ginny and MA 8" girls.