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LEEKE - shipping fee is FREE ( if you buy items over 50 USD!! )

Oct 24, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      If you buy Leeke items over 50 USD, worldwide shipping fee is FREE.
      ( except Italy. They use EMS premium only )

      We did research for customers what they need.
      Almost customers told about the dolls, items and shipping fee.
      Many customers hesitate to buy the items Because the shipping fee.
      Please experience LEEKE ITEMS with this event.
      You will be happy with LEEKE ITEMS.
      We are full of confidence with it.

      If you have any question, please contact to LEEKEWORLD.

    2. How long is the event scheduled to last?
    3. It says "only today" at the bottom of the advert?
    4. Please remember that chatting and discussion is not allowed in News threads, everyone. If you want to discuss this promotion, go start a discussion thread in the News & Event Chat subforum.