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Leeke suntan skin

May 24, 2005

    1. http://www.leekeworld.com

      I just saw it in their site! Anyone knows if they are going to be limited or not? They are under the "Parts" section... I really hope there's a new ,non-limited skin option :chibi
    2. that is so awesome! It gives me a terrible idea... :sneaky
    3. Wow. :D
      If Leeke has an unlimited suntan skin, they will be the coolest ever. *lusts after suntan Honey*
    4. Suntan Skin Head & Body SET $235

      May, 23~24 day - reservation.

      * Doll case
      * Doll cushion
      * No-Makeup
      * The below picture is reference picture.
      * DollLeeKe will be shipped after 20 working days from the day you get confirmed your payment.

      And you can pick the head and body too! :D Oh dang, I really was doing well resisting these little guys too.

      Edit: aww, they're sold out now. :( I wanted one too.
    5. *makes grabby hands* Sold out! :(
    6. Aw crap :( Do they usually restock on sold out items?
    7. No! >< There goes my chance, of course I didn't see that in time! Wonder if they'd do it again, with a longer warning maybe? Gah.
    8. Who's the US seller for Leekeworld? Did we ever find out if there will be more tan Leeke sets?