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Leeke type M WS hybrids?

Jul 20, 2008

    1. Hi! I like to know how are the bodys in white skin that are the same to Leeke type M. I will had two heads of the event but i don't know of others bodys for this heads:sweat

    2. I do not have a confirmed White Skin body/head match for Leeke since they're VERY uncommon, but the Normal Skin apparently matches Bobobie.

      Good luck with your search!
    3. Leeke normal skin matches bobobie? Does that mean it has a pink undertone?
    4. I have listened that the colour it is well whit souldoll body but not is really confirmed. The WS of Bobbobie is Snow and the tone of leeke too.it can be that it is well...
      Bufff,but i never have seen hybrids of Leeke type M T_T. Only tinys in Bambicrony bodies.

      Thans for the answers : )
    5. I have a mabel at home, and yli doesnt seem very pinky to me. Very peachy actually.