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Leeke Wig Issue (Narae 43cm)

May 26, 2007

    1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone was having the same issue I was. I recently bought a couple wigs from Leeke for my Narae 43cm, but one of the wigs fits funny and I can't fix it no matter what I do. It's an L-062_D in a light brown color and the skull cap, which is black for some reason, shows where her bangs part.

      You can see it here:

      And here:

      You can actually see it a lot clearer in person, and you see more of it. It really bothers me, and instead of looking like hair, it looks like she really is wearing a wig. I've tried combing in in different ways, even used a blow dryer (in a way so as the plastic doesn't melt) to make the part flow differently, but it only lasts for a little while before it either goes back to it's normal shape, or the scull cap keeps showing.

      So, what I'm wanting to know is, is this normal with Leeke wigs? Should I e-mail them? Is it a big enough deal to e-mail them about it? Is there a way that I can fix it?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)
    2. I think its normal, the wig I just bought does that =/ and the one I bought with braids on the sides do that too
    3. Were they wigs from leeke, or somewhere else? I've never had a wig that did that (the other leeke wig I bought doesn't do it), so it threw me for a loop and figured it must be a leeke thing. It actually wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't black...
    4. I have a white Leeke wig that is the same way. I dunno, it doesn't bother me that much. It's kind of like the joints, after a while I just don't see it.

      In pictures I try to angle and crop so you don't see it, though.
    5. I actually have the same issue, and - maybe I am too much of a perfectionist - it bothers me a lot! The wig cap shows where the bangs part, and at the back of the head too (it's a two poneytails wig style). I'm away from home right now, but when I get a a chance, I'll post a pic for you.
    6. It's normal, all leeke wigs have black caps. Not only that, but you will see the the cap on most wigs styled like that. If it bothers you, I suggest a style with a fringe of some sort, instead of just a part.
    7. Did you try to put a little flat barrett in the front?
    8. I think it would not look good with that style of wig... (2 pigtails) but thanks for your advice.
    9. This is normal, I think.
      I also have a leeke wig for my Narae and it´s also the same with a cancan wig I just got for my DZ Kay.
    10. If you put a hat on it, you can push down the hair ^_^;;;
      Maybe a hairband, a beret or a tiara or coronet?

      You could also try transparent elastic bands?

      ^_^;;; I'm really not sure
    11. Well, so far I haven't found any way to really solve the problem so I've just sort of ignored it and tried to pretend it's not there. I did do something that helped the problem a little, I overlapped one side of the bangs over the other, so it wasn't a straight split down the middle. I dunno if you can do this with all wigs, but it did help a bit. Still curious if anyone else has any ideas.
    12. I have a white Leeke wig that has a dark gray wig cap and it does the same thing. When I first got it I was really bothered by it but then I got used to it and it doesn't bother me as much. I wish they didn't do that or at least matched the wig caps to the hair color better.
    13. My Soul Doll Yewon came with a pink wig and I've been told by the supplier that it is a Leeke wig. It has a beige coloured wig cap and that shows too, at the sides where the fringe of the hair ends and the long sides start, you can clearly see the edge of the wig cap. I find it really annoying, but keep pushing in all in place. I found this with another wig that I got from Magic Tailor. I think its just the way the wigs are made.