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Leeke World July Event- New dolls (L M & D Basics and Limited) snow skin & free gifts

Jul 2, 2010

    1. I didn't see this already posted so though I would share since there are several new dolls sculpts coming from Leeke in July :)

      and links

      Carey (M) http://www.leekeworld.com/En/Product/p_view.asp?it_code=2780&B_catalog_num=10
      Lionel (L) http://www.leekeworld.com/En/Product/p_view.asp?it_code=2935&B_catalog_num=11
      Xion (L) http://www.leekeworld.com/En/Product/p_view.asp?it_code=2933&B_catalog_num=11
      Angela (L) no link yet?

      Soda (D) see next post
      Kyohei (L) http://www.leekeworld.com/En/Product/p_view.asp?it_code=2908
      Alex (L) http://www.leekeworld.com/En/Product/p_view.asp?it_code=2938&B_catalog_num=11

      will add links to the missing ones when they show up :)