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Update Leeke world: Plans of June

May 31, 2009

    1. http://leekeworld.com/En/Community/notice_view.asp?Num=316

      They say:

      A plan of June in Leekeworld

      * We are going to join in Dollism Plus in Hong Kong (July 26th).
      -. We will update some news for Dollism Plus soon on the notice board.
      -. http://www.dollism-plus.net/

      June 3rd to 7th - Leekeworld's Wigs(Nomal Fiber)
      -. The advance order for Leekeworld's wigs(Nomal Fiber)
      -. Your goods will be shipped after 30 working days for wigs from
      the day we confirm your payment.
      -. You can make an order in 'Pre-Order' section.
      -. Size : L, E, M and D
      -. Wigs : L-001 ~ L-118

      From June 8th to 14th
      -. DollGa's Heat-resisting Fiber wigs.
      -. You can choose Design, color and size.

      From June 15th
      -. We are going to sell Leekeworld's Mo-hair.
      -. We have new line of wigs it called "LM line"
      -. Size and colors will limited.

      June 15th to 21st - New shoes
      -. The advance order for the new Shoes.
      -. This time we have different designs of shoes, and also a variety of sizes.

      June 15th to 17th - New DollLeeke - L type 'Sora'
      -. New DollLeeke-L type 'Sora' update
      -. She is going to sell from July.
      -. We are going to sell Sora before July at this time.
      -. If you buy this time, her face-up charge will be Free.
      -. If you buy this time, we will give extra hands for you.
      -. The shipping fee is FREE.

      June 22nd - Leeke's Doll Event(July)
      -. new Dolls have been being prepared for 'Leeke's Doll Event(July)'
      -. We will update the plan for Leeke's Doll Event.

      June 24th - Special Event.
      -. We will update Special Event that day.

      * These in the below plans are unsettled.
      -. We are making new items.
      -. We are making new DollLeeke.
    3. I beleive they meant the latter of the things you said. Not sure if they are limited but for short time, I think color choice is ours...Hopefully, they will clarify that with us later.
    4. Do you think Free Shipping is just for that new doll or for everything?
    5. Probably just the new doll and whatever you purchase with her. All orders over $350 are free now at LeekeWorld and a LW-L has to be more than $350 so it's silly they even put that on there I think. Unless they decided to stop the free shipping.
    6. The free shipping is for Sora :3