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Leeke World Wigs?

Jul 8, 2008

    1. I was wondering if Leeke World Wigs (a size 7/8) would work for my Luts Kid Delf. I've heard that Leeke World wigs run a little big sometimes, but Bella kind of has a big head... also, are there any websites that carry Leeke World wigs other than Denver Doll? Thanks!

      Also, how is the quality? :sweat
    2. leeke world wigs are awesome! watch out for the dark ones though, the wig cap stained my Yern's head when i left it on for a while. :( Just remember not to leave it on for too long. you can buy them at www.leekeworld.us for the best selection. the best way to do that is to join a group order in the marketplace to save on shipping. i'm pretty sure that it will fit your Kid Delf fine, they are one of the most popular wig manufacturers and I've never heard of problems fitting the KD. Leeke wigs are awesome because the fiber is really nice and realistic and the styles are really unique and modern.
    3. About the wig cap stains, though, would that not come off with a magic eraser or something like that? *curious*
    4. i have a magic eraser, it took most of it off but there are still some obvious marks. sanding will take care of it. i'm not devastated, but this is the first time its happened to me. boo. i cleaned with the magic eraser and it took off all the blushing in that area now. i'm afraid to scrub anymore vigorously because i don't want to ruin her face up visibly.
    5. I love Leeke wigs. The quality is very good. The wig might be a little big but it should be fine with some velcro. I had a kid delf Cherry and she wore Leeke wigs.
    6. I have three LeekeWorld Wigs, they are lovley! :) Worth the money.
    7. Awesome! Thankyou guys for your help!
    8. I purchased a few wigs from Leeke and they fit my DoCs' heads perfectly. =) I believe that DoCs and Kid Delfs have about the same size of head...? I'm not sure on that one....You might want to double check, but I'm almost certain that the wigs should fit your doll. :) Hope I helped....^_^