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LEEKEEUROPE is now open!!

Nov 2, 2004

    1. Hello to Everyone!

      I am glad to announce that official leekeworld european shop is now online! You can visit the web page in this URL http://leekeeurope.oneiric-reality.net.

      In the shop we have wigs, eyes, dolls and other things available. The new preorder ends 30th of november, last day to make the payment is November 25th.

      If you have any question write us to this e-mail leekeeurope@oneiric-reality.net.

      Thank you very much!

      LeekeEurope Staff
    2. The preorder ends the 30th of November. If you want to pay or purchase something, please do it before 25th of this month. Remember that we have an especial sale for Xmas, if you purchase a complete doll, you can choice a wig as present (only LeekeEurope, not leekeworld)

      Thank You

      LeekeEurope Staff
    3. Hi Bunny

      Your link is not working. All I'm getting is a blank screen :(
    4. I sent in an order for some optional parts and four wigs last week but i still havnt recived an invoice or anything. Im worried in case i miss the deadline... how long does it take to process the orders and send out an invoice to an email address?? I really want my Sweet before christmas....