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Leeke's Doll Christmas

Nov 9, 2007

    1. Not quite sure what this promotion or event is but so far, there are pictures of Kyle released in the gallery and the information as follows:

      Leeke's Doll Christmas

      November 26, 2007 - January 1, 2008
      Schedule coming soon.

      L Type - Kyle 60cm boy
      M Type - Mabel 40cm girl
      D Type - Limited Sleeping Sweet & S. Fancy 26cm girl
      K Type - Lani 19cm girl & boy

    2. They also have a Christmas box available. $50 gets you a box with $85 worth of stuff. You can choose doll size and girls vs boys or both.
    3. i asked on the Question board whether they could give us any idea whats included in the boxes/how much stuff, here the reply i got:

    4. Hello ! For the Christmas box, there is 200 boxes for every size (SD - MSD) and 200 for boys et 200 for girls.