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Nov 30, 2006

    1. "Hello,
      Thank you for coming in Leekeworld.
      We have some plan on December. :)


      * We are going to have 'Store Credit' service from NOV 27.

      From NOV 29th to January 1st.2007
      -. The advance order for the 3 new special wigs. (Limited wigs)
      -. The advance order for the 3 new design wigs.
      -. 3 kind of special wigs can buy only this time.
      -. This time we have different designs of wigs, and also a variety of colors and sizes.
      -. The wig’s designs are placed on girl and boy.
      -. ONLY These new wigs- (we are going to give a 'free souvenir' as a gift,
      when you order these new wigs until 1,000 Customers.)
      -. The gift will be random.

      From DEC 1st to January 1st.2007
      -. New version of DollLeeke Girl is coming out.
      -. “DollLeeke-Cutie sweet, Cutie honey”are going to available.
      -. These heads are Limited. You can buy only this time.
      -. We are going to give "Silver Card" for Limited heads customers.
      -. Skin color : Basic skin / Snow skin / Suntan skin
      -. Makeup artist : SheNa / Jimmy / Shoou
      -. We are going to give 'Secret ver. fullset Cutie Sweet or Cutie Honey' for 4 customers who buy
      doll before December 5.
      -. We are going to draw lottery on December 10 and announce for 4 customers.

      From DEC 6th to DEC 20th
      -.“Christmas BOX”are going to available.
      -. 50$ BOX / 100$ BOX / 200$ BOX
      -. if you buy 50$ box, we will give 100$ items, if you buy 100$ box, we will give 200$ items,
      if you buy 200$ box, we will give 420$ items.
      -. You can choose your doll size.
      -. Attention : The items are random, exchange and refund are impossible.
      -. You can buy only this time.
      -. If you don't pay for this order on December 27, your order will be canceled.

      From DEC 11th
      -. 11th reservation wigs will be available in WIG section.

      From DEC 23th to 25th
      -. Christmas holidays.

      From DEC 26th to January 1st.2007

      12月 26日 ~ 2007月 1日 1日
      -. We are going to increase price of all items from January 6th.
      -. Before, We prepared sale(20%~40%) to thank event.
      -. Limited items and New items are excepted during this sale(20%~40%) time.
      -. If you don't pay for this order on January 5th, your order will be canceled.

      From January 6th.2007
      You know the exchange rate(USD to KRW) have been reduced continuously since 2004.
      We've tried to keep our now price for your advantage until now
      and we've coped with many difficulties to run our business with this prices.
      But the exchange rate become too low at this time, now we're not able to handle our business
      without price increase.
      We really apologize for this sudden price increase and we hope you understand this."
    2. Apparently, Leekeworld has raised their prices recently. ): I didn't see a post on this, so if someone already alerted everyone else to this, sorry for the double posting. ^^;

      But, yea. The wigs are $30.10 now instead of $28. ):
    3. Yeah, that's why they were having their sale.. to soften the blow, or something.
    4. Raising a price to $30.10 makes me think it's a change in the exchange rates.