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LEEKEWORLD A Type Doll - Nicole

Mar 10, 2012

    1. New Leekeworld - A Type Doll - Nicole


      Leekeworld WEBSITE

      I see that it is also possible to order just the Nicole HEAD by itself.

      I really like the cuteness of Nicole's face. She's very sweet, and quite different from other Leekeworld girls, IMO.

      I didn't spot any other discussion threads for her so far, so I started this one. Please join me, if you want to talk about this cutie. :fangirl::aheartbea:D

      Thank you. :)
    2. She is cute - I'd like to see the head unpainted... but that body is... just... no. (Fat bottom girls do not make my rockin' world go round.)
    3. Theres quite a bit of talk about this girl in the M project doll and Mikhaila threads. Im thinking of getting her head only and getting the art body for her later when I have more moneys...
      I personally love the fat bottom dolls-I already have two ;)

      I love Nicoles big nose. To me she looks like a fairy of gnome creature.
    4. Lol! :lol:

      I'd like to give this body a try, as I'd like to see what it's like to sew clothing for it.

      I love the Nicole face so far though - very adorable.

      Yes, she has this cute/approachable look, doesn't she?

      It's a good idea, to get the head for now, and get the body when you're ready. Gotta warn you though - that's how you end up COLLECTING rolling-heads! :o:o:o
    5. She makes me smile, I really like her sweet face. Don't know if I'd want her on that body, but maybe a slim mini girl body. :) Her lips are super cute!
    6. Yes... I'm still a bit iffy over that body. I don't yet know if I'll like if I see it in person. Been looking at Mikhaila pics to get more of an idea, but the Mikhaila face distracts me. :lol:
    7. Certainly she is very different from other Leeke girls, I must say that I didn´t liked her at first sight (maybe due to her nose), but later I changes my opinion about her, she isn´t a "beauty", but her smile is so cute and these pink cheeks of the face up makes her look so adorable!, and gosh, I love the Art Body so much since I got my Mikhaila the past year. I´ve been waiting for Leeke to make other different heads for the Art Body in the same scale of Mikhaila´s head.

      As she is not a limited, I suppose she will be available later?, I totally want her in my resin family, but right now I need to get more dolly funds.
    8. I thought she was limited? Since her order period says March9-26.
      Knowing Leeke though, theyll re-release her even if they say she is limited.
    9. I have the A style body on one of my dolls and the only trouble I find is sewing for the "waist". There's quite a slope there and if you don't get it right the skirts slip up to her boobs! Pants are easier because they don't ride up so far. I used a baby skirt and cut it in half and I use it as a long dress on mine. The waist band of what used to be the baby skirt is just big enough to create a top area and the skirt part flares out from just under the bust.

      I love Nicole's face, she looks so endearing and I can't wait to see owner pictures.
    10. I was really suprised to see Leekeworld release another girl with this body after all the drama with Mikhaila.
    11. That's a good point, about her bust to waist slope. I had a custom request on for a pair of leggings for that body. I asked for measurements, and took into consideration the fact that this body can wear regular MSD leggings from Dollmore.

      Unfortunately, I never heard back about the fit. :( Maybe next time.
    12. I thought the same, but they don´t mention her as "limited", just in preorder period of sale, so I guess she will be available later. Anyway I´ve wrote them in the Q&A board to be sure.

      Leeke has released other girls with the Art Body before: Florence (although it was an older head), Clarice, Ariana, Ashley and Kiko, but Nicole is the first head in the same scale of the Mikhaila head so far.
    13. She has my name and her hair recembles my when I was a child. <3
      But her body ... I was seduced to order Ashley, but in the end I decided against her, because of her body.
    14. I've always loved this body, but didn't like the Mikhaila head, so this makes me very happy. I love this new head mold! And she's basic! Aaaah, I'm doomed LOL
    15. I agree the body is very cute and the Mikhaila head didn't seem to do it for me but I totally love Nicole. I'm waiting on some pictures of the blank head before I decide one way or another but for now I really think I found another doll to add to my list.
      I like the more 'realistic' faces with different noses like this because many dolls seem to have very similar noses like that is what has been deemed 'beautiful' or something but a lot of them are just too pointy for me and the bridges seem almost too concave. Like a cartoon.
      Still waiting for a female doll with a convex nose profile but I guess that's never going to happen, lol.
    16. Yup, same here. :)
      I just LOVE the Nicole face! She's just so cheerful!
      She reminds me slightly of CH Little Junior Ai Darea, only Nicole is more smiley, and the corners of her eyes are turned up more. She's just more cheerful looking.
      I love the CH Darea, actually, and have two rolling heads of her sculpt, for which I have to get bodies.
    17. I don't know if it helps but I would say the height of the legs are a regular MSD size but the, ummm.... rear end is more SD sized. I had a pair of leggings left over from a Dollmore Ipsae that I used to own and I adjusted the length of the legs and put some elastic in the waist (they didn't have an elasticated waist at all). The section around her bottom is slightly baggy but it was for her pyjamas so it didn't matter.
    18. Yes, I actually noticed that some people have been using SD sized undies on this body. :P
    19. I had a fellow doll collector visiting me a while ago. I was a bit worried since she was originally very much against Mikhaila and the art body but she fell for her in an instant! Not so much for the face as for the body. She is now looking to a buy a Nicole it seems. :D Just a heads up for people worrying about the body. ^^

      I must admit I was worried to, she was so different from all my other dolls. But just seeing her in person I couldn't get over how cute she was. XD
    20. I need to just not look at Leeke's site ever. They keep coming out with doll after doll that I want! :...( I also completely missed Ariana and Kiko. But it seems from their site that they are offering a lot of these as standards now? Or am I misinterpreting their sales page?