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Leekeworld August event!

Aug 12, 2008

    1. A plan of August in Leekeworld

      August 18th - "LR-001 ~ LR-022" re-stock
      -. Re-stock items : LR-001 ~ LR-022
      -. Size : L(9~10inch) / E(8~9inch) / M(7~8inch)/D(6~6.5inch)
      -. RoyalGray will added

      If you buy the DollLeeke K-type doll, you will get one event head.
      If you buy the two of DollLeeke K-type dolls, you will get two event heads.
      e.g) If you buy Bono Basic set or Fullset, you will get Myu or Corgi or Bono head.
      You can choose the event head.
      If you want to add the faceup for event head, you can add it.

      August 25th - Leekeworld's sneakers " LS-110 "re-stock
      -. Size-1 : Leekeworld L-type + SD13boys
      -. Size-2 : SD ( boy and girl )
      -. Size-3 : Leekeworld M-type + MSD

      August 25th – FullSet Edgar
      -. Fullset Edgar
      -. You can choose the skin color ( Snow skin or Basic skin )
      -. Dress : Chez-Masha
      -. Face up : Sairin
      -. Wig : DollGa / Leekeworld
      -. Shoes : Leekeworld
      -. Eyes : Everpurple ( Color will be random )


      [ These in the below plans are unsettled ]
      -. We are making new outfits.
      -. We are making new DollLeeke and new items.
      -. We are making new Website for Leekeworld.
    2. Is that a beaver? o_O Has it been deemed on-topic?
    3. Its a beaver. Platypi have duck-like bills.
    4. They're beavers.

      EDIT: Lol, you changed it to beavers just as I quoted you. XD
    5. I'm not sure if they're off-topic- if they are then I'll remove them from the announcement. But as for Edgar- what a cuuuuutie :D
    6. I realized that they had beaks. :lol:
    7. Quote from the "Criteria for On-Topic dolls for DoA" thread.

      These beavers are totally adorable, but they don't have elbow and knee joints (just like Myu and Corgi)...
    8. Absynthe: I don't think the beavers are on-topic as stated before they are lacking elbow and knee joints.
    9. edit done :)