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Leekeworld Blind Head Project (my mini surprise)

Aug 17, 2007

    1. I ordered mine earlier this month and it arrived today, but there was a bit of a surprise when I opened the box. The head I recieved was a Kyou. :D I had him on my 'wishlist', so I'm not sure if that's influenced the outcome or not.

      I know that they only have the three heads listed (Min, Hero, and Koji) for the Blind Head Project, so this was defininately totally unexpected.

      Did anyone else order a Blind Head? What did you recieve? I'm wondering if I won the Leeke Lottery or something, because I did very much want a Kyou but opted for the Blind Head instead for the slightly reduced price.
    2. weird...

      I've ordered one, but I'm still waiting for it. I'll post once I get it... Hmm maybe I should put ssomething else down on my wishlist just to test your theory out...

    3. I wonder how this will effect the group order going on? If they're sending their excess heads out to fill the orders, or if I'm a fluke?

      ... dang, am I actually the first person to have recieved theirs? That's new.
    4. You got a doll that wasn't one of the 3 listed?

      Hmmmm. Veryyyyyy weird. I think they probably have a group of heads that are to be given out random, and by chance they had a extra Kyou head in there.

      Either way, thats great for you! :D
    5. -__-
      Argh. Okay, now that scares me a bit. I'm going to be ordering within the next week, and I really want Min or Hero (or both) and do not want Koji at all ...so my plan was to buy either two or three heads (haven't decided that yet) in order to insure I would get at least one of the two (or both, if I order three), and then sell the Koji head if I got that....
      But if they're giving out other heads as well....

      It's possible they just mixed up the heads, though? A Kyou accidently got in with the Blind Heads and they didn't notice it wasn't one of them when they put it in the box?
      ...unless the name is obviously on it, in which case nevermind. XD

      You should probably post a question on their Q & A about it, though...even if it was a mix-up they'll most likely let you keep the Kyou head. ^o^
    6. That is interesting! I ordered from the blind head project as well. I wouldn't mind getting Kyou either. =D

      They estimated 20 days to ship, I'm happy to see they're getting out quicker than that. When did you place your order?
    7. I ordered the head on the 4th, I got my shipping notice on the 12th (a Sunday, but I think they're something like 14 hours ahead of me), and received my head on the 16th. So it got here much quicker than I thought it would. I was expecting it'd be a minimum of 20 days.

      Leeke is also the first company I've bought from that actually shipped to my shipping address. All other companies I've bought from, shipped to my billing address. This earns them big points in my book.

      I actually hadn't planned on asking Leeke any questions, but to sate your curiousity I'll go ahead and shoot them a line. I'm certainly curious, I'd like to know if I got the head by intent or by accident.

      Regardless, I was grinning like a fool most of yesterday. Right after I ordered the blind head, I realized that I had actually wanted a Kyou, so to open the box and see Kyou's paper work and a mess of bubble wrap.... ah. *laugh* Yeah. Happy.
    8. I just saw your question in their Q&A - I hope they answer soon, I'm also very curious about this.

      Lone Sheep: They seem to ship quite fast (at least the unpainted dolls), I've ordered my Luke on the 7th, got my notice on the 13th, and he arrived on the 16th. It was a nice surprise^__^
    9. Will the Leeke heads work on a Dollmore body? What color is the resin? I'd like to swap my Kyle head for another one.
    10. I am pretty sure that they'd fit the Dollmore body -- their neck holes are pretty impressive. I know that it fits DZ 70cm. It's a near match for Domuya Normal as well as Dollzone 70cm Normal. I'm pretty sure this means it's too yellow for Dollmore normal.... but there's always blushing?
    11. That's great to hear! I'm excited now, I was expecting it to take much longer than that. X3 I ordered a couple of days ago, so hopefully I'll be as lucky as you guys. :)

      I can't wait to start seeing more pictures of these guys here. I loved all the molds Leeke came out with, I'm interested in seeing what everyone does with them. ^_^
    12. Leeke answered my question, according to them it was a mistake by the shipment team. So, if you're hopes are pinned on getting one of the three heads pictured, you probably don't have to worry so much about receiving a different head. I imagine my question on their Q&A board has made them more aware of their mistakes.
    13. Oh, good! I'll probably be ordering in the next couple of days....
      Hope mine ships as quickly as yours did...I'm going to be all anxious waiting to see who I got. :XD:
    14. I'm waiting for my Leeke head now. I ordered it on August 8, got the shipment notice on the 22nd and it is due to be delivered within the hour today the 24th.
      Superfast shipping as I am only in Tokyo... not so far from South Korea ;-)

      drum roll please...

      I got a...

      hmm, it's perhaps a hero or a min...

      shamefully I can't tell... there was no indication in the box, just a head... so perhaps someone can tell me??? I shall up a picture...



    15. From the eyes it looks like Min to me? But they don't have pictures of the blank heads on the site, it's a bit hard to tell.

      I'm out of town right now, but I'll have a package waiting for me when I get back home. Leekeworld has been on the ball lately. :)
    16. thanks! well I'm glad it's not only me. I went to the site to try to compare but it was kind of hard to tell. I thought they'd include a note or something, but nope just the head. Sadly Min was the least desirable of the three for me, but it was a random chance and he'll make a nice face up practice head!

      good luck with yours!

    17. denkiva - oh wow, congrats on your head's arrival! It looks gorgeous even when it's still blank >w<

      I'm really wondering whom I'll get... my payment got accepted on the 14th but until now there's still no news about shipment... I hope Leeke will ship the head out soon (my hope is getting high after hearing that Leeke got better with their response/shipping time ^^ )
    18. I just got home and my package had arrived! Preeetty sure I have Min here. (Min and Hero do look sooo close to each other, but I think Min has slightly bigger/more droopy eyes). I'm excited to paint it. :)

      I'm really happy that Leekeworld's shipping time has gotten so much better. I love their wigs and probably will get a body for this guy eventually from them.

      I'll be interested in seeing who everyone else gets. ^^

      Edit: Looking again, it might be Hero. Guh. It's sooo hard to tell. XD"

      Edit edit: After getting second/third opinions, I definitely got Hero. Min and Hero look really similar without a faceup. I'm really taken with the face mold though, it's lovely.

      denkiva: Hee, I also got this head just for practicing faceups. I can't wait to see yours when you finish it. ^_^
    19. I cheated and bought all three. :XD:
      I figured it was the only way I would be 100% guaranteed to get Min, who is the one I wanted the most. ^__^
      I may sell Koji, since he's the one I have no definite plans for...but I'll figure that out after I've seen them in person. X3

      I'm just anxious to see what wig I got as the free event gift. XDDD I'm hoping that since I ordered four SD sized heads they'll give me an SD sized wig. I'd have no use for anything else, really. ^^;
    20. I've order one today, but I really wonder which head I will have.

      I don't want Min or Hero, just Koji.

      I had thought of taking the three heads, and sell Min and Hero, but I'm a bit out of money after buying my Too.:doh