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Leekeworld December Event!

Nov 13, 2008

    1. Leekeworld has started putting up info about their December Event!
      There are wigs and shoes, bunny ears, and lots of blank space waiting to be filled by dolls....

      New dolls up thus far:

      Limited Edition L Boy Rihael -- Basic Set and head parts
      He looks like Mihael, only smiling! =D

      Limited Edition D Girl Rory -- Basic set and head parts
    2. Does anyone knows when is the end of the Event Period?
    3. There is also a mini girl Carol
    4. I think Leeke are still updating the event page and adding new dolls...there is also Corlin onthe new list.
    5. They are also offering a WS Mabel :sumomo: <-- that's me dancing for joy.
      Discussion thread here
    6. Yes, they're slowly updating it with more dolls, wigs, shoes, and stuff. =3
      Apokripha -- I don't think they've said when, yet. I'm guessing they'll put that info up at the top of the page a day or so before the event is set to start.

      In addition to the new M girls (Carol is limited, and it looks like Corin is not) they are also offering snow skin versions of all the M heads and bodies for a limited time!
      Also, they're doing the scratch paper lottery again.
    7. christmas boxes, also. like lucky pack type things, choose gender and size
    8. And they also came out with a new M body type!

      The old body is now named Real Type, and the new one is the "Gentle Type" (like their L bodies^^)


      Hips look much wider and the torso has two joints.