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LeekeWorld DollLeeke C type 13.5cm discussion part 1

Jan 11, 2012

    1. I saw them too. They are really really cute (especially Allie and Jessie), but not the size that I usually collect. Has anyone seen a picture of the naked body on Leeke's site?
    2. I would like to see the body too, they are really cute but $140 for a face-up! That seems a bit much!
    3. Er its $140 for the whole doll including faceup, $110 without faceup......

    4. Oh my gosh how cuuuute!:D I love them:D Should we ask Leeke for a body shot? I'm interested but I want to know what I'd be getting o.o
    5. I looked at them last night too, I was wondering about the body when I was looking at some of the kneeling poses. I love Allie's cute little open mouth though.
    6. Geeze, they are cute. I wonder if the bodies are sexed? We need some body shots. The price is reasonable
    7. I believe the body can be seen under Project Doll Ltd L & R. I ordered Allie and Dorothy. They kind of remind me of Pocket fairy. Look soo cute.
    8. These are so cute I think I would like to get Allie, Oh well another one for the wish list
    9. Hey, Chinadoll:D I'm so excited you ordered a couple of these little cuties! I'm not sure where to see pictures of the body, can you link us?
    10. Ah, I think it might be this body, right?
    11. Yes :) the measurement is same for both

    12. After looking at the body I really like the Rainy head they have on the girl body *pouts*
    13. I love the body! I was hoping it would be one piece torso and lo!:D I'm not sure about the very thick neck but it's super cute! I'm also really excited that they have bits:XD:

      AaloriRian: Is Rainy perhaps just one of the other girl sculpts renamed? She looks very similar to Dorothy o.o
    14. I'm in love with Leo.. He's so dark and mysterious. That's a really fantastic price too.
    15. I'd love to see Leo as a tiny grumpy girl :XD: Very tempted.

      Also, does anyone else find it odd that the head size is listed as 4.7 inches but they are wearing 3 inch wigs? I know Leeke wigs are stretchy but yikes!
    16. yeah but the wigs are size 3-4 as they fit puki and Lati white so i guess its not a huge amount more, i was quite surprised too though..

    17. Actually now you mention it I did have one for my Puki that was a tad large so I guess that will work :)
      I assume Leeke will answer the body questions tomorrow since it says it is a new body... wonder what's different since the bodies we assume they are are K type bodies and these are on C type bodies, but they have the same measurements?? Weird.
    18. I asked Leekeworld about the body and wig so here it is

      Circumference of Head is about 4.3inch
      Body is same as the Project Doll Ltd L & R.
    19. Oh yay, good to know for certain from them *stares at Leo a little more*