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LeekeWorld DollLeeke D type 26cm discussion part 1

Aug 5, 2005

    1. I noticed that a thread was started for Yo-SD lovers so I thought maybe LeekeWorld owners would like to have their own thread (I know I would). Would anyone like their LeekeWorld doll to be friends with my Mina (actual photos soon).


      ...Mod Note...

      This is the discussion thread for LeekeWorld DollLeeke D type

      They can be bought from the following sites:
      http://denverdoll.com/ (layaways available)

      Magnetic Horns and Ears?

      Doll Comparison Photos: LeekeWorld D Sleeping Honey, Bambicrony Kumi, Volks Yosd Anne

      Clothes that fit LeekeWorld type D 26cm:

      LeekeWorld Type D 26cm discussion part 1:
    2. Miao likes bunnies too!


      So, is she there yet? Did you definitely decide on the white-skinned version?

      Edit: Er, seems like my questions are answered in your signature: No and Yes. PS: How is Mini May? I am soooo enjoying the anticipation of my first Pocket Fairy! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    3. Leeke/ Cutie and others
    4. [​IMG]

      Lala want to join too :daisy
    5. My Alidel, a Honey that really likes... pink.

    6. Hello it's me again! I have a sweet little Leeke Joy. She is the old body, and desparately cute. I loved the elf eared ones (of course) but didn't get one (sob).[​IMG]

      Here she is, she's called Tigerlilly. I saw a Honey at a meetup (actually the one Shelichan has for sale right now in the market place) and I just fell in love with the size and feel of the doll. I love how sturdy she is and how she stands so nicely. I made her dress in that photo BTW.
      I also love her anime look.
    7. I have a hybrid Leeke Honey NS named Rhoswen who shares her body with my BC Roko named Gloriana. I eventually plan to get another body for Gloriana so Rhoswen can keep hers all to herself.

      The Christmas event at leeke is what turned me on to this particular size of tinies. After that I was officially a tiny addict.

      Here is my little plantdoll elf attacking a new year's kurianmochi display

      I've been eyeing the honey head mold for awhile I was doomed once they made her with elf ears.

      Stella: Here's enabling there's one snowskin sweet elf at denverdolls. They do layaway. Joy looks great with those blossoms. I love tree shots with dolls

      delicateangel: Don't you like discussing dolls before buying though? *giggles*

      sweetiemom: Your dolls are cute
    8. I love mine, too. I have a bunch of clothes from the Leeann dolls that fit them perfectly (the taller body) so they are easy to dress. I just love their little faces.
    9. I'm a big fan of Leeke too. Got first a snow skin Honey and I love her to pieces. My new tiny is Joy Boy with a 2nd body which is a bit taller. I think he's got Jimmy's face-up as he's got two corner black dots. On comparison the 2nd body seems to pose better but I'm loving the 1st body more because I just love chubby ones. My Honey's kickiness which I can't seem to mend makes her more endearing as she feels like a wobbly toddler to me.
    10. They have a second body? I never knew this!
    11. Here is a picture of the two bodies together.

    12. Oh wow, quite a difference! Very cute. Can all of the Leeke heads fit on the new body? I'm not sure if I'd want the taller body for my Sweet boy or stick with the Bambi body...
    13. Since LeeKe offers either body with all the heads, I am assuming that they are interchangeable. Both my girls are on the taller body.
    14. I was in Denver this past weekend, and stopped in the Denver Doll Emporium. After some major drama, I was really sad. I looked over at some of the dolls and Love caught my eye. I picked her up and she just took ahold of my heart, and did not let go... :)

      Her name is Claire.

      I made her an outfit last night, and she is so cute!! But she was an impulse buy, and now... :( I have to have her earn her room and board. Can anyone tell me what other dolls can share clothing with the 2nd body? Gotta make clothes to sell on ebay.

      **edit** Here are a few pictures... First in hre default wig


      And one in another wig I got for her (she looks so much older in this wig)
    15. Aki I would think she can definately share clothes with the old Leeke body because the torso is the same size. Also good news for you if you make the outfits is that they will fit YO-SDs as well. Mine share clothes all the time. One thing you might keep in mind is that yours has the nice new hands. The older ones only came with the spread out fingers that are impossible to get through sleeves.

    16. pictures of yo,leeke, and BC
    17. Lunameth - the heads are interchangeable with the bodies. However, what I notice on my boy "Joy" is that his head seems to sit a bit taller on the neck hence making him look like he's got elongated neck. Maybe it's just my boy because "Joy Boy" head is a tad smaller than my Honey by comparison. The 2nd body actually is meant for their newer tinies "Chouette" etc but the site does allow interchangeability.
    18. Here is Willow (Honey) in one of the outfits I bought from Denis Bastien for the Leeann doll.
    19. Does anyone know if they are going to offer Love in the tanned cheaper kit? I would really love that. :D

      How does everyone like their Leeke dolls? Do they seem solid and well made?