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LeekeWorld DollLeeke Type K 19cm Discussion Part 1

Mar 19, 2008

    1. Did I miss this earlier? There seems to be a new size doll on the Leeke page, quite a bit smaller than their standard tinys...19cm, with a 4.2inch head and 8mm eyes. One piece body.

      Looks like one boy, one girl, a cat and a dog so far, but hopefully they'll have more head options soon, as both the human ones are a bit sulky.

      ....Mod Note....

      This is a discussion for Leekeworld DollLeeke K .

      Website: http://www.leekeworld.us/

      DollLeeke – K Type Human
      - About 18~19cm
      - Eye Size: 8mm
      - Wig Size: 4.2inch

      The Anthro is off topic for DoA because of Joints.

      Leekeworld DollLeeke K discussion part 1:
    2. Clochette: Jiny and Lani came out earlier about late February early March. The anthro cat Myu and dog Corgi dolls came out recently but are considered off-topic for DoA due to lack of joints.
    3. I saw Jiny a few days ago ...so I must have missed them

      I dunno Im not sure

      Im not likeing the one peice torso at all ...She is very sweet looking ...but sadly I dont like the body
    4. Jiny's quite cute!
      I like her better than Lani :)
      But I'm not a big fan of the Leeke body though.

      Just wondering...
      If the Leeke animals are considered off-topic due to the lack of joints, what about Rei Tenshis? Don't they have limited mobility as well?
    5. Right, not sure if this is going to work. But hopefully here are some pics of my Lani. As stated, she doesn't have a wig yet, so she's got a beanie for now! Very hard to find decent wigs for this size.

    6. Bump from the depths, I discovered Lani yesterday, and badly want one.

      Shannon60, where did you get her that little outfit?

      And I noticed on Leeke that their PukiPuki wigs are perfect for these kids, so that's the size you need to look at.
    7. I am glad you're interested in these little ones Ellanie, they are sooo under-rated. I made her outfit.
    8. She's incredibly cute! I can't believe there are so few around!
    9. It is a shame that there aren't too many people here. The one piece torso is ok. I like this size but wish they would do more heads. I was kinda hoping they would do a tiny Sweet. Do they sit well or need support to prevent toppling when they sit?
    10. Hi calliope13!
      My Jun doesn't sit up really straight, but he can support himself well enough to sit on his own, with or without extra support from his arms. I actually like that he slouches, because that way you can see his face better when he sits. Here's picture of him, he can sit up a bit straighter than this though:[​IMG] Oh, and please don't look at his feet too much: last time I dressed him, I made the poor boy wear his shoes on the wrong foot by mistake:doh
    11. [​IMG]
      A pic from me

      Ah well, I hope I get to see some more of this line someday
    12. I couldn't find any threads about this particular type and I apologize if this is in the wrong section or already exists.

      I was looking at a Leekeworld Lani (K type girl) and I really like her. But I'm not sure what else I can compare her too size-wise. I know she's about 19 cm tall but... I'm not sure what kind of clothes and eyes she can wear if I found some I liked from a different site. She has 8 mm eyes? Being new to the hobby I've never seen any so small....

      Do you have a K type doll? If so, do you have any suggestions, stories or links to websites?

      Thank you~!
    13. K type dolls are tinies, so this thread belongs over in the tiny dolls forum. They will probably know over there :)
    14. Actually... they already moved it... to this forum.... *_*:|

    15. ....Organizing Leekworld Bump....
    16. For the few who has this doll. My friend is interested but we have no idea what clothing fits. That would be a great help. Thank you very much
    17. I have one of these. She is in a dollhouse with Orientdoll Joong, Elfdoll Hana, and Notdoll Lucy, so you can probably check those threads for some ideas. The Leeke K is a little bigger than Lucy, and a little smaller than the Joong and Hana, but I find a lot of things will fit them all. Her feet are much bigger though.
    18. hi I was wondering if anyone has a Jun? It's a grail head of mine and I'd love to see some owner pics - thanks :)
    19. Hi! Same as FrozenRose, I'm really curious about these little dolls but it's difficult to find any pictures of it. Does anyone still have these cuties?