Leekeworld Elf

Nov 30, 2006

    1. OMG the cutest Honey and Sweet heads! 105 to 135$$$$$$$!
      Bodies like 150.
      choice of skintones
      lil elfin ears.

    2. I really like Cutie honey :D
    3. I don't understand how one can order both head and body as both items are on the same drop down menu :)
    4. So I could order an Elf head and get the body later ??
      trys not to get exited LOL
    5. I wondered that myself, but I guess that's just to show you how much the body costs if you commit to buying that as well. It's a bit awkwardly designed though, but I'm sure they'll iron it out :)

      - Liz
    6. I am so confused by the pricing...:?
    7. Heads are USD$105, or with face-up USD$135 (USD$30 extra), basic skin colour body is $150 extra again, suntan or snow body is $165 extra, but you do not have to buy a body.

      HTH ;)

      - Liz
    8. Thanks alot :)

    9. Down Girl!!!
      Not that I should talk as I just paid for a bambicrony Roko elf!!!
    10. Ohhh, these are the first tinies I really like! I'm a sucker for elves.... whimper...
    11. it sucks that they offer tan heads, but you can't even buy the tan bodies separately anywhere, you have to buy them with heads at least... :sigh

      Meh, moot point for me anyway, I would only want rose or chouette or love, since I've already deduced that the younger-looking leekes just don't fit in around here. :sweat

      Even if elf ears ARE SO TEMPTING!! <_<
    12. Yes that seems to be the case, we could get the lil heads now and buy the bodies like later.
      Sgtgeorgecarter I know you are but what am I.
      Curses heaped upon your head, chibikarin for showing me these cute little elves.
    13. I am also a little confused..are the elf Leekes available on that drop down menu and if so which ones are they??
    14. either Honey or Sweet, you have a choice of artists for faceups.
    15. You add the head to your shopping basked
      after chooseing colour, face-up etc
      then add the body , both will be in your shopping cart

      not that I pressed Buy :(
      I was ever so good
    16. So you have to pay extra $150 for the body? At first I thought $150 is for the whole doll ^^;
    17. No
      its $150 the body
      $135 head with Face up plus shipping ,
    18. I've been drooling over these dolls for weeks now! I really like the idea of buying just the head now, but where can I buy the body other then Leekeworld?

      That really sucks that I can't buy the suntan body unless I buy the whole doll!
    19. GAWD!
      I've always wanted a Sweet, now how am I supposed to resist EARS and SKINTONE choices.
      They are evilllll.......
    20. I'm trying to be ever so good myself.