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Update Leekeworld in November +Xmas event

Oct 31, 2008

    1. A plan of November in Leekeworld

      November 4th to 10th - DollGa's Premium wigs in Heat-resisting Fiber.
      -. We will take a pre-order for DollGa's wigs.
      -. Premium wig PW-001 / PW-002
      -. color of Heat-resisting Fiber : WoodBrown, PowderCream, ClassicBrown, MistyGray
      -. Size : L(9~10inch) / E(8~9inch) / M(7~8inch)/D(6~6.5inch)

      November 11st to 17th - DollGa's Heat-resisting Fiber.
      -. We will sell DollGa's Heat-resisting Fiber.
      -. If you buy the wig in this time, we will send it right away.
      This time is not pre-order.
      -. The wigs quantity is Limited. So if you want to buy someting,
      you have to hurry.
      -. Update time : 11st of NOV, Noon ( in S.Korea time )
      -. Update wigs : W022 ~ W085

      From 24th of NOV
      " Leekeworld December EVENT " will start.

      -. We will re-open the faceup service.
      -. We will re-open the Leeke's wigs.
      -. Limited Dolls, new type of DollLeeke.
      -. New horn part.
      -. Limited wigs, new design of wigs.
      -. Limited shoes, new design of shoes.
      -. Gift Event <- it's free.
      -. Christmas Event.