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Leekeworld L-Type Girl - Geeyu

Apr 7, 2009

    1. Hey everyone~ Just to move discussion out of the News thread, let's chat here about their NEW girl. She's very lovely and I love her so much! I already have a character swirling in my mind about her. *_* How about you guys? What do you like about this girl? What are your ideas? Are you planning to get one in the near future or far future? Let's discuss and chat. :D :aheartbea

      As for me, her lips are adorable. I never was for one to like a doll with small lips, but it's cuuute! <3

      Here's the News Link:

    2. she's absolutley beautiful and i'll have her sooner or later :)
    3. ?!
      Have LeeKeworld completely taken over DollGa now? Looks like it...
    4. @kateb - I guess so. ouo! They are selling the Dollga wigs themselves now as well integrated Dollga's dolls into their own. They are sister companies so it isn't surprising. And Dollga has never updated their sites. @_@

      But I guess if you look at Geeyu, she does look Dollga style. D: But still... <3 Happy that Leeke game out with an L girl. <3
    5. I think she's really cute. Far better than I expected. :)
    6. I think she's adorable<3

      at first I thought she was MSD size, she has such a cute immature face. I just want to pinch her cheeks or something :D
    7. she's pretty! Her head may be quite big for the small body types I like, but I'll find a body for her someday...
    8. Wow she is quite cute. Hopefully there will be owner photos soon.
    9. She's gorgeous! Glad that Leeke made her mouth a bit too small for my taste though otherwise I'd have another doll on my want list.
    10. She is adorable~! She looks like a MSD X3
    11. Oh no, another one for the already-too-long wishlist! I love her!
    12. Aw! She's definitely captured that sweetness some little girls have (I...was never that type of little girl myself).
    13. I took one look at her and fell in love... but sadly I can only afford to get her head right now. Wonder if she'd fit on the Dollga girl body I have? Anyone have both a Leeke and Dollga doll?

      I love her sad face and little rosebud mouth...so cute!!
    14. oh, that's a good idea. I have a Dollga body I've been trying to sell, but it looks like I can use that body for this doll head. Dollga's body is ever so slightly more yellowish than Leeke, but I think it'll work.
    15. The body that LeeKe is selling with the GeeYu head is the original DollGa body, now the "DollLeeke L Type-Girl Body". So you shouldn't have any real problems if you just want to buy her head now and get a body later ^^
    16. Aww.. She's so charming. I'd never own one, but I can appreciate the sculpt. <3