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Leekeworld L Type - Kyohei, Alex, Xion and Lionel

Jul 3, 2010

    1. So, everyone - let's talk Kyohei, Alex, Xion and Lionel! What do you think of these new limiteds?

      I have to say I'm LOVING Alex and Lionel, and it's a pretty safe bet I'll be dropping more moolah to get their heads at least... Anyone else?
    2. I love, love, love Lionel. In my humble opinion, that's the first really credible middle aged man face mold ever, and the first one to look totally natural with a beard face up (all the others who've tried tended to look more like girls with theater beards to me, sorry! though Iple Tedros came close^^).

      And boy, is he sexy. But the head would benefit from a more mature and larger body, I think...
    3. I'm surprised there are so little comments here. Everyone's been begging fir a realistic, handsome, more masculine doll, Lionel is exactly that! he looks so ahndsome, like a movie star....Leeke's sculptor who does the realistic heads is really amaxing. And Alex looks like a very realistic verson of Volks Heath
    4. Sillypeach & Mandagore - I totally agree! They're getting better and better... I got Richard when he came out, and then I got Patrick fairly recently, and while Richard wasn't a slouch, they seemed to have worked out a lot of the kinks with Patrick. (Richard's head was humongous, for one, and it looked ridiculous on the Leeke body. Patrick is a much better fit.) I do think they definitely need to work on a more mature body, though. Until then, I've found that the Dollmore body is a good match, both physically and color-wise.

      Hey, you know it didn't even occur to me that Alex has all of those Heath-ish angles in his face! *stares at Alex some more and hugs her Heath* Maybe that's why I like him so much. :)
    5. Maybe I should order Lionel with 67cm body, give the body to my floating Mihael head and get more masculine body to Lionel......
    6. relia, that sure sounds like a plan to me!^^

      The 'real body long' is also availble in the body parts section of the site. That's a start...

    7. Would this be the normal skin male model body?

      I really like Lionel's head but the Leeke legs are just too skinny and shapeless for my taste.
    8. I just bought a Kyohei head, basic skin with faceup! It will be my prezzie from my parents for xmas! :D So I will not see it until then, but Omg, I just ordered him! He is soooo pretty! :aheartbea Yay for me! I am still saving up for my first full doll, a LM Kliff, but I now have a floating head! :kitty2
    9. These guys would look great on Iplehouse's SID body.
    10. I hate it when they do that! I think that I've settled my dollie plans for a while, and then they release something new I want.
      Lionel is indeed sexy older man, and even tought I usually don't fancy beards (mainly for same reasons that Mandragone pointed out), it's looking good on him. :aheartbea
      I allso like Xion quite much. He's so cute and boyish.
      It's probably good that I just ordered body for my Romeo head, so I can't go grazy and order the breaded mister sexy.

      And even tought I just reasoned that with myself, it still makes me feel little sad... :doh
    11. I just found Lionel by accident... sexay! He might just beat DR's Sui-Tan for my first doll choice. Anyone know what Leeke dolls are like for quality etc?

      EDIT: After looking around I'm confused. All the Leeke L dolls have a 9-10 head but on the Lionel it says 8-9. Is this a mistype? Or does he really have a smaller head? I'd like to order him later this year with a wig but I don't want to order the wrong size. Any help would be appreciated.
    12. No Kyohei love? Aw well. I can see why everyone likes Lionel.
    13. Mathurine: I think that Lionell's head really is smaller than other L-types, which probably is just a good thing, as other L-types has tendancy to look bubbleheaded, especially in 60cm bodies.
      But you can allways ask from them directly via Q&A or sending them e-mail. They're fast in their replies.
    14. Thanks Kiro!
    15. Ok another question about Lionel....

      The Leeke website says 8mm eyes (which sounds too small to me but his eyes aren't as large as other dolls) and the Denver Doll website says 14mm - big difference! Which one is correct?

      EDIT: Have discovered his eyes are 8mm or maybe smaller! Hope this helps anyone else who might be looking.
    16. Seriously? I was considering him for my boy but that makes me so sad. Is it possible to mod his eyes to fit a bigger eye size? I like Lionel a lot, so this is kinda breaking my heart.