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LeekeWorld LE Dark Rihael Discussion!!

Apr 16, 2009

    1. I think there was an old discussion thread for him already...

      But anyways... *I hate you Leeke!* He's so amazing... and looks exactly like a character I've been meaning to dolliefy (the painting was based on Dybbuk's F-38 with her permission...):


      *goes off to count pennies*
    2. WOW. Candygears, that's an eerie likeness!! I know some people say they've found dolls that look "exactly" like characters they want to make (I've done it myself), but that's TOO close for coincidence. How crazy! I think you've found the mould for him though! :lol:
    3. candygears>> I really want to get him. T3T Coincidentally, that money is coming out of my F38 fund. o__o!!! And he IS going to be wearing a pair of amber glass eyes.

      Somehow, I think our brainwaves crossed.
    4. I thought his skin was going to be tan/brown, hence the "dark", but I still can't seem to resist him! :D *also counts pennies*... Saint may have to wait... xDD
    5. I wish his body were taller, though. TAT My normal Rihael is going to be on my SSDF body. He'll look so short next to him. T___T

      I wonder if the grey might possibly match an Euclase body...
    6. DO WANT *__*
      Though his face is quite wide/realistic? I want to see him in comparison with Luts SD13 ;__;\

      Ohhh man I'm in love with him ♥
    7. Naoki>> I only have a picture of my normal Rihael head on a LUTS SSDF body.
    8. *____*

      Rihael, I love you! :aheartbea

      So pretty.
    9. Please, I hope this new "Dark Rihael" has a UV protection?

      What I fear is the unique grey coloring of "Rihael" resin might turn green if exposed to sunlight or strong house lighting. Anyway, he looks like a real "bay boy." Lock up your girl bjd's!
    10. Omg, love at first sight <3
      I really need this doll >3<

      Seconding Naoki's request for pics of a Leeke L (any type) with a Delf (and a DOT and DOI if possible)

      I think he'd only turn green if you left him in the sun for a long time (like with any other tan or colored doll..). I have a grey Kalix and he's been outside for photoshoots multiple times and he hasn't yellowed or greened.
    11. Oooh, another grey boy! Looks like grey is becoming the new Tan. He's very handsome and sultry looking. :D
    12. Is the head mold actually different from normal Rihael or Mihael, do you think? Somehow he looks subtly different to me, but that could be because I like this faceup so much.
    13. kogepan>> Actually, it looks the same as Rihael's normal head to me.
    14. I asked their Q & A board if he's still to be an edition of 40 or if they've changed that to a time-limited edition (they give April 20 to May 10). I hope it's the latter!

      To me, it looks like the eyes are more open than the regular Rihael.
    15. Dude. I would love this boy. He's amazing. When they said "dark", I was thinking like tan. D: This totally blew me away by surprise! I really want a Riheal in normal skin though, so I'll have to hunt him down someday. I got the perfect character for the NS Riheal. Too bad, I found a character for him after the LE period was over for him. ;(

      Anyway, I hope some DoA get this beauty. I'd love to see homepics. X333
    16. I saw Rihael thanks to a friend, who wanted to know if I wanted to hop onto her Leekeworld order. XDDD It was really forfuitous timing!!! Though not to my bank account. T___T;;

      I really want this guy, though. He'd be the perfect dark mirror to my fun-loving, flirty French florist. T3T<3
    17. After kicking myself over not snagging a NS Rihael, I was stunned to find a new release, in this tantalizing skin tone! I am strangely drawn to gray skin now, after seeing how well Soom and Souldoll have worked with it. I really want him (and that motorcycle!).
    18. quilibet>> It's a pity it doesn't come with the outfit. XDDD I'd certainly get it otherwise!
    19. I agree with the outfit part ^^ I would like to see one of my boys in that XP