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Leekeworld [Limited Edition] Ent Story vers. 4

Oct 21, 2011

    1. I just saw that Leeke is releasing a new Limited Edition of Ent dolls (Project doll category).

      direct link

      Sale Period : October 26th ~ November 27th, 2011

      What do you think? Seems to be there will be some cute little centaurs ^^.
    2. Yusss! offering the Cutie head again :D I wonder if they will have human option parts since the original ents came with that option. I hope so, I have no interest in baby ponies right now. I imagine there will be a lot of disappointed ppl out there that they still haven't released the big centaur, but I guess this will be a bit of a test run for that.
    3. I'm hoping you're right as I've been waiting on Croom... hoping this is a dress rehearsal and they haven't decided to swap him for a tiny!
    4. Centaurs.... it had to be centaurs. I was sad that I missed out on the original ents and now they release what seems to be centaurs. Leeke is doing so much amazing stuff this year it's hard to keep up, I can't wait till they put up pictures, I may be very, very poor afterwards though...
    5. Augh. I already picked up two of the original Ents, but now Ent-centaurs? >_< I was looking forward to seeing Croom but I figured I would actually be safe from him. But no, they had to release them tiny and adorable, first...

      Yeah, it will not be easy to overcome this kind of temptation. I'm just glad the order period is going to be open for a while, as it might give me a chance to recover from everything else going on right now.
    6. I think it will depend on how the centaur body looks. Not been too motivated by the most recent centaur options, hoping this one will be closer to the Domadoll proportions.
    7. Oooh, excited! I was sad to have missed out on the first Kiel Ents but now they are making little centaurs..fwee. I really want a tiny centaur, I hope the bodies are nice.
    8. I would imagine that they're still planning on the Croom, since these are labeled as Ent ver. 4, and they originally only had the three planned.

      I'm super excited to see the full pictures for them though!
    9. This is a good point. A lot of the centaurs I've seen look like the torso is too big for the equine lower body. If the body's proportions look too off to me, I'll probably be safe. But from the preview, it looks dangerously promising. >>
    10. If the body is all transparent resin, in a similar style to the ent feet or the juwel armor, I may be very doomed, especially as they seem to have given the option of every head and every resin colour ever!!!!:doh
    11. *head-desk* No! Bad Leeke! Bad! Adorable, curvy, Yo-sd Centaurs in "Fairy green" and the "Lovely B resin" ?! :aeyepop: I just hope they're not too oddly proportioned, I'm picky about centaurs... and I really hope I'm only imagining the semi-transparent horse-body... Edit: re-checked the option parts skin colour... "Half clear" or "white" D:
    12. Transparent horse body would KILL ME!:D
      I'd be so horribly tempted, even in my current financial state! Arghhhhhhh!!!!:doh
    13. Yes, yes, yes! I am loving everything about this and I can't wait for the pictures! I also am still waiting for Croom to be released.
    14. Eee, I was thinking the "half clear" option was for parts like...whatever that leafy thing is that appears to be on her head? But looking at the image, the equine body does look pretty transparent... >>

      Ugh, I am so doomed. I guess I'd better start deciding between green and blue. T_T
    15. The forearms look like the might be transparent too, don't you think? Curse you and your photoshopping Leeke!
    16. I need an Entaur! Maybe several of them! :( Dammit, I was hoping it would be the big guy this month. Leeke knows how I feel about Magical Resin Colors...I would have to have Lovely B and Fairy Green at a minimum! :(

    17. Entaur! ROFL! That's fantastic :lol:
      Have they had a green doll before or is it a new resin?
    18. They've had green before for the fairies, but it had a different name so I wonder if it's a totally new green - perhaps brighter? The original green wasn't that vibrant.
      I have Sleeping Honey with the green resin, and because it's so pale, the vibrant blue blushing they did on her makes her appear blue rather than green.
      This fairy green might be REALLY REALLY GREEN.

      I'd be torn between green and blue......
      As a colour I prefer blue (actually I'd rather they did bright pink or purple!!! xD), and I adore the icy look their blue has, but it all depends on the blushing colours and faceups I think.
    19. Do you think they will wait till the order period for the current project dolls ends before releasing photos for this one?
    20. Oh no, too many pretties being released at the same time. Not enough money to buy them all. I nearly caved with the Time Wizard just to get the Lovely B skin. Hopefully this time I can resist

      They must be having trouble with Croom to jump past him like this. It's looking like he won't get out till Xmas at this rate