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Leekeworld [Limited Edition] Juwel and Croom Ent discussion

Apr 21, 2011

    1. Along with the current release of their new tiny [Limited Edition] Kiel Ent - Sale Period : April 21st to May 22nd, 2011, Leeke released some very interesting concept art for 2 new presumably larger dolls. See:- http://www.leekeworld.com/En/Product/p_view.asp?it_code=3691
      These are what appears to be a female Ent, Juwel who according to Leeke is looking like a mid year release and Croom, a male, to be released towards the end of 2011.
      I for one can't wait to see what Leeke do with these two and couldn't see another thread like this one up yet so, if it's ok with the Mods, thought I might start one up for the purpose of discussing these two gorgeous tree herders!

      Link to Jewel Ent page on Leekeworld site!
    2. Awesome! Im glad to see theae giants get their own thread. I hope Leeke shows more of them leading up to their release, their concepts are really so unique! If they look even half this wild in real life they will be a must have.
    3. Soooooo question! I want to get two wigs, and I'm wondering if the "choose two wigs" option means my being able to choose from the ones for the Ents or if it applies to all wigs on the site for their size, because, Leeke is the king of wigs.. haha. Just wondering if anyone has any idea, thanks!

      ". Wig option ( If you choose wig option, you will get two wigs )
      -. You can choose two wigs for your doll. Please write the wigs, when you make an order."
    4. After a dollie-soul search I am going to resist the Kiel Ent and wait for Juwel Ent. I just love the sketch so far and I hope they do a fun new, curvey body for it!
    5. Same here...I'd love to see Leeke's take on a lovely big curvy fantasy girl.
    6. I'm so excited for Chroom. So, so excited. I'm hoping he'll be offered in a nice fantasy color resin, too.
    7. @ Jester Leeke will only let you choose two wigs from the ones listed
      on the sale page XD but you can ask more questions in the other thread, this
      one is for their upcoming dolls.

      I'm rather excited about Croom, and it's nice to know he's slated for the end
      of the year instead of in 3 months because he likely requires some money saved
      up.....he looks like he'll be massive! Although I'd be really pleased if he ended up
      being small :)
    8. Same here...I'm hoping greys, geens & / or browns. I'd love to see what sort of size / scale they go for for both him and Juwel too.

      Anyone thinking from the concept art they have the look of concept art / characters from a Guillermo del Toro film? There's especially a touch of Pan from Pan's Labyrinth being channelled there, I feel.
    9. I'm so intrigued and curious to see how Croom Ent will turn out... centaur tree fae? very interesting.
    10. I'm definitely excited about Croom. I'm quitting my job to work from home in the next two months though so I just hope I have money at the end of the year! XD
    11. Best of luck with the work-from-home plan, kawaii_mon. Hope you have better luck than I did... creative work from home businesses don't mix well with toddlers in my case and hence it was back to the rat race for me, but no complaints. Doesn't mean I can't go back to it later.
    12. I'm DEFINITELY intrigued by the MSD...
    13. Croom looks very interesting, but I'm really excited about Juwel! :D I don't want to get more than a couple more big girls but a pretty dryad/fae/ent girl would top my list, I will definitely be saving just in case. But I wonder . . . do we know that she will be 1/3 scale for sure, and not MSD? I hope so!

      Though I will be disappointed if they go the tall, big route with her, as seems to be the current trend. Almost all of the 1/3 girls with fantasy parts are BIG 1/3 girls -- Iplehouse, Soom, Impldoll, etc. Where is the love for the 55-60cm girls? ;_; I'd be thrilled if she had a curvier figure though, which I think is a good possibility considering the cute new curves that the tiny Ents are sporting. ^^
    14. Definitely looking forward to Croom. I really want Kiel ent, but I think i will put off and save for Croom instead. If only i had more money....
    15. I'm wondering whether to get the tiny Ent or save up for the larger ones. I'm wondering if they're planning to progress in size as well. The guy looks fascinating. I'd love a wood centaur especially if he's as buff as he looks. I can't wait to see.

      I'd still be happy if the female Ent was a MSD but I'd love her to be SD sized.
    16. Juwel is going to be a must buy for me if she looks half as cool as her picture. I really hope she's all done up in greens. I've been dying for a green nature doll. I cannot wait to see what they do with Croom as well, he looks massive. And I hope there SD's.
    17. I'm hoping that Croom is a new male body type, because Leeke needs to upgrade their male bodies in the worst way... *crosses fingers*
    18. The Kiel Ent body is going to be a one-off at this point in time so the SD body could be the same. Meanwhile, as I'd like to get all three, I posted a question with Leeke and asked if I could get the premium membership and have Kiel Ent as my gift doll. I'd want her with body blushing, wigs and face-up so the total was $450. Premium membership is $500 and you save 5% on any future gift purchases for a year. Plus can get to choose a grey skin colour if you wish. Otherwise you can pick one L doll or two D dolls. Here is their response:

      Thank you for shopping with Leekeworld.

      It's possible to order a premium membership and Soda Kiel Ent as the membership doll.

      If you order a membership, please let us know your order number and your request.
      You can choose the colors fo Doll body brushing and parts brushing.
      Also you can choose two wigs for Ent doll.

      So, I'll be getting a doll I already plan to order and saving 5% on any future Leeke dolls. If the next two dolls are $500, I'll be ahead, plus you get a few limited wig offers etc.
    19. Wow, Hobbysue, that's a great and very tempting idea there. So from what you are saying, for just $50 more than the Kiel fullset / full service doll is priced at at the moment you can get Leeke membership at the same time...very tempting indeed then, especially when Croom is looking like a definite for me and I'm definitely considering Juwel too. And with the $AU is such a good place compared to the $US at the moment it makes things even more tempting.
    20. I fall in love with Croom Ent. It looks great!
      I look forward to see it on Leeke store :-)