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Leekeworld [Limited Edition] Kiel Ent discussion

Apr 20, 2011

    1. Well, I am not a big fan of tiny dolls, but the wings and the hones are absolutely gorgeous! I wish they can be sold separately so I can use for my minis!
    2. Wow, these are so cute! Too bad I've got one girl to pay off and another layway payment on this paycheck...will have to pass on these. But I'm wondering how the parts attach. If it's magnets perhaps I can get them for my other mini kids. These are the first horns I've ever liked! That Jewel one looks amazing in the concept drawing...can't wait to see how she turns out:D
    3. I don't know which colour I like the most, but wow is there a lot of colour used, soom faery legend eat your heart out, I think these little winged beauties just topped you xD
    4. I love the colourful horns - I think those are the twig ones? - but I'm afraid I might end up buying two just so I can get both types of horns. The wings are so cute... they make me think of baby faeries who can't fly yet.

      Am I the only one who thinks that the male Ent looks like Malfurion Stormrage from World of Warcraft? xD
    5. she looks adorable :) i am thinking about getting one
    6. so cute! I'll probably not buy her because she's tiny, but the drawings are really interesting....
    7. Anyone know which sculpt the one with the short wig is? I love that face.
    8. Oh noooooo. I just barely resisted Mikhalia....but this??? AUGH. I can't wait for more pics!
    9. This might be one of the best things I've ever seen o.o All those jewel colours and amazing horns and legs and AUGH! Everything looks so amazing so far! o.o Oh noes...

      EDIT: Am I reading this right?? Just wigs are going to cost $330? Just faceup is going to cost $330?? But faceup and wig is $360??
    10. OMG! *flails* Thank goodness I didn't get Mikhaila!!
      And the other two dolls look like they'll be amazing!
      This might be the year of Leeke for me...
    11. Eeeeeeeeeee! They're gorgeous! :D
      I love the little branch horns. Oh, I can't wait to see more pictures...
    12. Anyone already torn between the two?? :lol:Both dolls have my favorite
      colors:sweat I hope DDE has them.
    13. Awww she is adorable! But after recent events I feel unsafe buying from them. =(
    14. why would you feel unsafe? I haven't heard of any problems with Leeke and I have used them plenty of times before. They make take their time to ship, but all doll companies do. They aren't going to rip you off or anything.

      OT: She is really cute, I cannot really agree with all the 'paedo-bait' comments going around the net about her. She isn't supposed to be human, she's an ent: she may look young, but not enough to suggest anything unsavoury. She has budding breasts which is fair enough really; and fae like creatures are often seen as ageless. Isn't the whole anime/manga world pretty stylised anyway? I think she looks pretty cute; not sure enough to part cash for, but she does appeal.
    15. Hmm. I see what you mean.

      Faceup = $320
      Wig = $330
      Faceup + wig = $360
    16. OOOh she is cute! I do like the fact that this time you can choose the head sculpt. Can't wait to see more pics. Bit pricy though. Can't wait to see how she plays out with the other 2 characters they have in mind. I need a money tree now. Somehow Sweet will most likely be the soft spot for me.
    17. I think I found my first tiny!
    18. Typo? Or actual price?
    19. It makes complete sense if you consider it as
      DOLL + faceup = $320
      Doll + wig = $330
      Doll + faceup + wig = $360

      ie Doll $290, faceup $30, wigs $40