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LeekeWorld Lynn.. [project doll] 20th Jan-20th Feb ONLY!

Jan 26, 2011

    1. Hi everyone!! I didn't find anything here about this little and lovely tiny!
      She's Lynn, a new limited tiny by leekeworld.. she's very particular and I wonder if someone around here already ordered her or is thinking to ..? :D

      isn't she lovely?

      Website Link : Leeke Lynn

      she is on sale only in the period between 20th January and 20th February, ONLY.
      Actually I know what she could be.. I alread have her background in mind :lol:
      this doesn't happen with everydoll I see.. maybe is it a sign?? Maybe should I buy her?? :lol:

      I really see her in a macabre/creepy way.. like Elyza.. she could be a 3rd cousin.. little special girl.. yes! I love her!

      Now I want know your opinion!!
    2. oh yes ! she is ! and she will be lovely in the creepy way you imagine for her
      i regret that she s a limited doll ...i will wait the 20 feb. and see my money ^^;

      and i prefer this new body she 's introducing
    3. Yes, the body is beautifull I like it.. it's more childish..
      I've to order my ideas now.. I think I would buy her through a loooong layaway XD
      about 4 or 5 months.. not only because I do not have enough money now.. but also because I really can't show all these dolls coming together at the same time .. :s
      darn..this hobby is killing me XD
    4. i have never notice that leeke offers layaway that sounds interesting for me ^___^
    5. Yes and very long too.. they're also really flexible .. I've bought before from them through layaway and they've been truly gentle and kind people to deal with!
      Still tryng to focus on Lynn.. to buy or not to buy T.T
    6. anyone else is interested in this lovely tiny?
    7. OMG!!!! I wish I hadn't seen this :doh I want her:D

      I have four dolls coming, and then I am debating buying Iplehouse E.I.D Asa, and now this little beauty pops up. She is soooo delicate, and innocent looking. I adore her. She would also fit in so well with two of my other new dolls, as they are tinies. Aaargh, can I say no?? I bet I cave in and buy her. I guess at least Asa is a basic, so I can always get her another time ;)
    8. Oh Yes... someone else caught in her trap XD
      I wish I could buy too.. but I also have some dolls I'm finishing to pay.. >.>
      I do not know where to find the money now XD
      but really i Want her too so badly..
      she's awesome..
    9. Elnuyn85, thanks for putting her in the News thread! I would have missed her otherwise.

      I gave in and ordered her. I love her tiny eyes!
    10. I'm thinking of ordering her too--she would be my first tiny. She looks so sweet and forlorn, like a real little girl.
    11. I'm happy someone here can order her!! I'm so curious to see her!!
      Will you order her with face up?
      The face up seems really well done, but I don't know how it could be in reality .. never seen a leeke 's default face up..
    12. She is gorgous! If I hadn't put a full stop on my doll purchases lately I would have ordered her - she is such a special girl! Love her face!
    13. I ordered her without the face-up. Leeke does nice face-ups but I'm not crazy about the one on Lynn.
    14. Katrine, I can't order her too.. T.T but because I've a lot of dolls to finish :(
      I wish I could have more money now..
      maybe one day, I will get her secondhand..
      Lunar, so you're going to get her quickly at least!! Will you make her face up by your own? or will you send her to someone else? I'm curious to see how you've in mind to customize her ^^
      I loved her freckles and her sad expression, but I would customize her in a sadly gothic/ghostly way.. she would fit nicely with my other ghostly girls.. I think! What a pity she's limited !
    15. :) My lovely family have bought this cutie for me :)

      Now the hardest part begins - WAITING :lol:
      Anyone have any ideas what are the best clothes for Leeke D size dolls?
    16. She has the new body, so I'm not sure what will fit. I so wish I could order her. Why, oh why is she limited!
    17. I wonder too DancingBee... WHY!
    18. I'm going to try and do her face-up myself. If my efforts absolutely suck, then I'll send her to someone who can do her justice!
    19. yes, give yourself a chance!
      maybe you will do a mastaerpiece on your little girl! who knows !! :)
      anyway, keep my finger crossed for you to make her coming fast!!
    20. bumping...