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Leekeworld 'Milch' Discussion Thread!

Apr 5, 2009

    1. Well, I've only known of this girl about a week or two and I think she is the most curious, amazing, strange and beautiful thing out there...I may have to get her. On the one side she kinda freaks me out and the other I think she is just so unusual she deserves her own discussion thread ;)

      Would love to know what everyone else thinks and if anyone has ordered/got her yet?



      Milch in gallery:






      Mod Note:
      Leekeworld World M discussion thread:
    2. I just got my Milch from Leekeworld, and I love her, but I was just wondering if anyone else with the other M size dolls from Leekeworld can tell me if their neck holes are huge? My Milch's neck hole is huge, I don't understand why they would make it so large for such a small neck. She can't even look up or down at all because the head is so wobbly. *_*
    3. My Leina's neck hole isn't huge and she looks down etc fine, so I don't know why your Milch's is. Xen has a Milch, and might be able to tell you more.
    4. Hmmm, so it IS just the Milch head that has the huge neck hole. That's so odd!

      I've been thinking of doing some mods on that neck hole too. I did a little hot glue sueding on it and it's helped some. I think the hole just needs to be a little smaller, it's so weird that they made it so large. Also, I've found that the S hook on mine is too small and can't be relied on to hold the head on at all! I had to tie a series of gigantic knots in the string to keep it from going through the head. I've ordered a bigger S hook off Ebay, so maybe that will work. *_*

      I'm going to post some up of mine whenever I can use my friend's camera, unfortunately mine is just completely dead. :( Xen has a gallery of hers up though! :D
    5. I too did not know of the artist until I read about the controversy in the news thread here on DOA, by then I was already in love with her because she was so extraordinary!

      It's obviously based on Oleg Dou's work, but I wonder if he himself has tried to do anything about it.....?? It would be good to have some sort of statement from Leekeworld, as owners (and would be owners) want to feel comfortable knowing that their doll has got the 'ok' as such...:?

      edit note - I just sent a message to Leekeworld customer service, asking if they could provide a clear answer on where things stand with Milch and the artist. If I get a reply, I will post again.....
    6. Did they remove her from their website?? I can't find her...
    7. OMG!:o Gone without a trace!! Nothing comes back in the search option either........................doesn't look like anyone else will be able to get her now after all :( It's a shame, but I'm guessing they must have taken her down as things were not right, legally and such. I never did get a reply from customer service.......
    8. I have only recebtly discovered and fallen in love with this sculpt, so I asked Leeke for more information on her re-release. Specifically, I asked when she might be available. I got back something completely noncommittal.

      Dear customer

      Thank you for shopping with Leekeworld.

      We are doing new faceup for Milch.
      So we will update her in the future.

      Thanks a lot and have a good day.
      From Leekeworld.

      Ah well. We continue to wait.
    9. Noncommittal is right...dang, I want a Milch in the worst way. :(

    10. I love Milch, too. I'm checking on LW site every so often to see if there are any news, but so far.....ziltch...
      I so much want my postie to be knocking at our door with Leekeworld-box with Milch. I keep hoping it will happen one day:chocoberry:chocoheart:truffle:whitetruffle
    11. Milch gone simply because Leeke copied the work from a photographer without asking any authorization.
      This doll is a plagiarism.
    12. I still want this sculpt - has anyone noticed or found a sculpt that looks like Milch?