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Leekeworld Min and Hero Fullsets Discussion

Aug 19, 2007

    1. This is not exactly new, yet somehow these guys don't seem to have a thread yet (though there is a Leeke L thread from way back when Luke, Eiden, and Kyou were released). Anyway, I thought it was a shame that these dolls didn't seem to have any buzz, when they are quite pretty. (Please correct me and lock this thread if I've somehow overlooked an existing thread on this topic - I think I've searched thoroughly, but I might've missed it. :sweat)






      Clothing Set

      Link to Min/Hero Leekeworld page

      :D I like Hero best. I thought he was cute but wasn't interested when I saw him originally in the Blind Head Project, but seeing his face from different angles has changed my attitude entirely. Min is also very sweet, and now I can see the differences between him and Hero more clearly. I wonder why Koji, the third Blind Head Project sculpt, wasn't included in this fullset deal?

      What do you guys think of these resin gentlemen?
    2. I was looking for a thread about these boys too, so I'm glad you made one! :3 I love Hero the best too.
    3. I placed an order on a Hero <3 He is so prettyyh xD .o0(Now do I just need to sell something so I can pay for him <.< )
    4. They are gorgeous, but I can't seem to find much information about them. I really dislike the leekeworld bodies, but the heads are divine!
    5. I don't have any Leekeworld BJDs.

      Do you? And what don't you like....sculpting....posing?

      They look similar to Luts to me and was thinking about Hero. :)

    6. Yay I paid my Hero fullset today <3
      And my Eiden is in the custome.. 2xLeeke guys for mee xD

      Did anybody else order a fullset? ^^

      But I dont like the look of their bodies either <.< Good thing I have clothes for them ^^'
    7. Congrats Katia! Please post some pictures when you get them - I'd love to see more of these guys. :D
    8. I wish I could have bought these two in fullset...I love them both, even more since they released the fullset pics!
      I just placed an order for three Blind Heads to ensure (hopefully) that I will get both Hero and Min...and they're gong to have to borrow white skin Delf boy bodies for awhile, I'm afraid, since that's all that I have. :sweat
    9. Wow, there's a thread about these guys, I was hoping there would be. I didn't even know Leeke did 60cm dolls, let alone ones as wonderful as these. I just stumbled across them a couple of weeks ago.

      Hero looks like a must have for me. I love the complete set. These guys are really quite a change for them & it looks like they're going to be a success. But what's wrong with bodies? They appear ok. Are they terribly different in person?
    10. >> I will xD It looks like Eiden is going to be home at Monday/Thuesday <3
      Hero hasn't been shipped yet, but I really look forward to get him an his beautiful fullset clothes xD
      I wonder if the shoes is a part of the set <.<;;
    11. I dont like the bodies either. ^^; But I just bought a bunch of heads from Leeke cuz they're all so beautiful and handsome! :aheartbea

      I'm thinking of using Leeke's body for Eiden tho, but for Kyou, I want a body that will not make his head look too big. ^^; Now I'll have to do some hunting. :sweat

      Anybody else bought these boys yet? :3
    12. Has anyone done a resin comparison yet???

      I'm getting one of the blind heads and wanna make him a girl
    13. I got Hero in the blind head project, and the resin match is pretty darn close to Volks. The size is also a good match for Volks bodies. (Which I'm extremely happy about, as this means my guy will be able to share a body until he gets his own.) I'll do a few comparison photos as soon as I get the chance. :)
    14. I love the outfit they are wearing. Will have to buy it or make something similuar.

    15. Thanks ^.^V
    16. Yay my fullset hero was shipped today :D
      I cant wait to see him and put my hands on those clothes :3~
    17. Oh~ Congrats!! Please show us pictures. :D
    18. I'm very tempted to buy a fullset Hero too (although I also love Min). Please post some pics as soon as any of you get one of these gorgeous boys!!
    19. This isn't a great picture, but it shows how Hero can fit on a Volks body (since I said I'd take one):


      It's a great match for anyone who doesn't like the Leeke bodies. Neck is the right size, resin is almost an exact match.

      That was faceup attempt #1 for me. It'll be redone real soon, I'm not very good at them. ^^" I've had him for a couple weeks now, but school has kept me pretty busy.

      I look forward to seeing more of these guys. ^_^
    20. There nice but I cant just grab any cute boys i want, I have to be super selective ^^ And whats wrong with leeke world bodies?