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Leekeworld Mini Project & Art-body Dolls Discussion - Part 2

Mar 4, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      So here is my girl Doona. I have her dressed in a yosd crochet dress up top with an MSD skirt that you cannot see in the photo. This is a terrible photo, but I couldn't wait to show her off! I cannot express how much I love this doll-so beautiful!

      --------- Added notes ---------

      Leekeworld website: Leeke World
      DoA Wiki: Leekeworld

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      #1 pumibel, Mar 4, 2016
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    2. Oh wow! She's beautiful! Its so nice to see owner pics. They always show off the dolls better than the websites do. More realistic and less Photoshop, I guess. Lolol I was thinking of the A face but Doona's face in B is just too pretty. If I ever get an Ashley I may have to get the B.
    3. Thanks! The B style is warmer and peachier than A, which is very rosy AFAICT by my screen. The golden hair really compliments the B version, I think.
    4. You're completely right! Her face is adorablely peachy and her hair complements it so well.
    5. I got my Volks order today, which was mostly YoSD stuff, but I bought a pair of ruffled bloomers in the Dolfie Dream Dynamite size for Doona. They fit perfectly! I could not get a decent photo, so I will post the link to the Volks pic of the pair I bought. I hope I get to take better photos today, got some studying and housework to do!
    6. Awww quiet thread!!

      My Nicole has now shipped today! Finally!!

      Now to wait... I'm going to guess 2 weeks. So near!
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    7. I just bought an Ashley from Denver doll!! When I was trying to find more about the doll I realised the entire leekeworld website was sold out. Anyone know why that would be?
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    8. Leeke has changed to "periodical sales", as in, they will make their dolls available at certain times.
      Their dolls (unsure if it is all or a just some) will be up for purchase, on the 30th of this month.
    9. Yeah. It was a pure fluke that when I went to buy, it so happened to be the new year ordering. I'm usually not so lucky with these things!

      My delivery took 24 to get all the way to the uk! It'll now take longer to get out of customs to my house than it took to get from S Korea to Heathrow. Ugh!
    10. Wow I'm lucky to fall in love with her when Denver doll has her. I've only ever bought an in stock doll once and I can't believe she's going to be here so soon!
    11. She's here!! The eye putty they sent with her with feels like oil based clay so she has no eyes[​IMG]
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    12. @MarisaAvery I opened the eye putty that arrived today, and I totally agree! Greasy. I have some silicone already so that was ok.

      But your girl is divine! Love the wig!!

      My girl Agnes arrived today - finally, another Leekeworld Nicole on the board!!! Alas, no Leekeworld box but I'm ok with that! She'll have to wait for a faceup, and I'll be making her some of her own clothes over the weekend. Her thighs are so chubby, it's amazing!!

      #12 Winterglow, Mar 24, 2016
      Last edited: Mar 24, 2016
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    13. Thank you, @Winterglow for sharing your Nicole..!
      I have been interested in her since I first saw owner pics. I do not think I have seen a blank Nicole before either.
      Is her nose quite wide..? (Reminds me of Migidoll Ryu)

      Luckily there are some art-body patterns out there too..!
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    14. Thank you! And yes, she has a kind of Roman nose. It's one of the many reasons I got her!

      And ty for the Flickr link, I always forget about patterns on Flickr!
    15. Love seeing the beautiful new girls! I have been obsessed with making clothes for my Ashley girl, Doona. I was able to get a couple of patterns from Etsy, a shop called CacauAtelier. They are pretty basic, and I think that a lot of doll seamstresses could probably come up with the same type of designs without a pattern, but you guys should check them out to see if they will work for you. I have also combined tops and bottoms from various patterns for YoSD, MSD, and SD patterns. I even modified a 17 inch Monster High corset pattern to fit her.

      Yumeiro, I appreciate the links to the Flickr patterns!
    16. Hello! I am thinking to have a leeke doll A-type Ariana. Could you tell me which body you like better, art vs girl? Do you have photo to compare them? Is that right the art body is 40 cm the girl is 50 cm? Thanks so much your help guys!
    17. Leekeworld Rosemary :lol:

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    18. Hello, Is this thread for all Leekeworld minis or just the art bodies? Thanks
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    19. I think it's for both!
    20. @stellarphenomena Wow your girl is super gorgeous!

      I'm paying off an art body kiko in lovely b. I hope to have her next month! :fangirl:
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