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Update LeekeWorld new site

Mar 31, 2009

    1. There isn't any wigs on the pre-order section?

      It might be fixed. Remember? The update or schedule said there might be issues during the time they update the website? I might be wrong.
    2. Regarding the log in issues, it might be a good idea to just wait a few days before attempting log in. After all, the website has been through a solid revamping, and there's probably a few crinckels that needs to be ironed out before everything is back in working order.
    3. I had an outstanding order waiting to ship when the site switched over, and I got my shipping notice last night, so that seems to be working fine. I can now log in, and though my order history is blank they do have my store credit noted. So the changeover seems to be going just fine behind the scenes. XD
    4. My hubbie solved the problem for me (-: and here is what he did:
      He goes into Internet options and then Advanced privacy settings, then we saw it was standing on accept, both parts, then my husband put it on prompt, both parts, then we returned to Leeke, tried to log in, then it asked for cookies, we put in accept, that went well, he then returned to the Advanced privacy settings and put it back to what we had before: accept and for now it still works fine! I hope I explained it okay in english cause I'm dutch, let me know if it worked for you as well, good luck!
    5. is anyone else having a problem sending orders? Everything went fine until I tried accepting my method of payment. Neither credit card nor paypal work for me. I just want to know if this is a problem everyone is having before I mail them (I'm sure they have enough emails sent to them already if everyone is getting it)

      Edit: hm... I figured out how to make paypal work finally. But it'd still be nice to know whether anyone else is having problems paying with credit cards? I plan to purchase from them in the future and would like to know if this is a temporary glitch or if I'm ordering incorrectly