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LeekeWorld Richard Discussion

Nov 28, 2009

    1. wow, he is really beautiful....and so different from their usual boys....he's got a real masculine looking face and i really like it!!!
    2. hmm, how sinister. Nice :D
    3. VERY nice, not sure if he suits their body though, needs something a little more buff. But I still like him.
    4. I totally agree with you. Leeke's bodies are very boyish, so I'm kind of surprised they didn't break out a new body type for him. Hmm... *scratches chin* I wonder if that's something they're working on for the future?
    5. Ooooh! What a nice look he has! I can see very Leeke elements about his face but it is more mature. Very nice!
    6. I'm glad they'll be selling him in floating head form too. I doubt I'd be able to afford the purchase of a whole new doll in December. XD But anyhow, anyone knows if the Leeke basic skin will suit the LUTS SSDF body or any other more mature body?
    7. To be honest, he is nice in face and everything but I don't like the body too much or the eyes being squinted...
      Looks nice and sweet looking down though... for that yes he is handsome !!
      : )
    8. that face truly looks too mature for his body^^;;;;
    9. I am totally loving oatmeal face i think it look like a mini mihael
    10. I don't know about the basic skin, but the snow skin is a near perfect match to Luts Real Skin white. Not that it's available right now...:sweat

      I agree that the Richard sculpt looks positively ridiculous on the Leeke body, but I think I'm going to try him on an SDF. :)
    11. Thanks St. James. xD

      Anyone purchased Richard so far? ^^
    12. It's nice to see the new faces!

      Does anyone know if LeekeWorld sends you an invoice to Paypal after you place your order? Or is there a Paypal address i missed in the process to send payment?

      Please advise!
    13. Oh he is so nice. It would be nice to see his home shoots.
    14. Loving those squinty eyes! How gorgeous! :aheartbea
    15. M'so excited! A little bird told me that my mom is getting me a Richard head for Christmas-ish, and I'm eager to see how he'll look on a Dollmore bod. (My Leeke Mihael head works well on the Dollmore Model body, so I don't don't anticipate problems... But you never know...)

      Any other takers out there?
    16. Are there any buff 60~65cm bodies that would work with leek skin? I'm smitten with the Richard head, but the body is just too immature for my tastes.
    17. Nice to see some more mature faces coming out. :3nodding:
    18. So nice to see a grown man. I wonder how he'd do on a Raurencio Studio body.

      To me, he looks a little like Sean Bean. Which is by no means a bad thing...
    19. I did finally order a Richard head in snow skin, so that's maybe three that will be around eventually? :sweat