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Leekeworld shipping times?

Jul 21, 2008

    1. This is my second order from Leeke, placed on the 16th June and I still don't have my items or any confirmation of shipping. I'm a bit annoyed because I emailed them and am yet to ge a response. I have done ANOTHER email today because I'm not too impressed with it. Has anyone else had problems with the shipping time?
    2. They do seem to have a fairly lengthy shipping time, however I *just* got a shipping notice for a 6/12 order within the last couple of days. I thought the delay in my case was because I had ordered some of the limited sneakers with my other items, although I did not ask on the Q&A. I was just thinking about asking when I got the notice. Hope your order is not far behind mine :)
    3. well, so far as ive heard they take at least a month to ship things out, especially dolls. but if you're having trouble getting them by email maybe try getting them on their Q&A section, as they seem to reply to those daily ^_^
    4. I keep sending emails, and they are never replied to. Their communications could be better.
    5. My order took 2 months to arrive, but I had a gift ^^".
    6. The only Leeke order I have placed was shipped about an hour after I placed the order (they sent out the tracking number pretty much instantly) and arrived in about four days.

      So.... That's unusual I take it? o___0