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Leekeworld sizes for slim MSDs?

May 13, 2009

    1. I have a Minisup and a ED Lovelydoll. Usually their wig size is 6-7.

      I am going to purchase one of the Dollga Heat resistance wigs, but on Leekeworld's web site their sizes are 6-6.5 and 7-8. Which size should I get?

      I'm just a wee bit worried that I'll buy one too small. I have heard their sizes are on the small size?
    2. I'd still get 6-6.5. The wig cap is elastic.
    3. Get 6-6.5. 7-8 will swamp them.

      Usually I find that the Leeke 6-6.5 wigs are closer to 6.5-7, honestly -- I have a yo with a huge head and the wigs usually fit her, but they tend to be ENORMOUS on my bambicrony, whose head is 6" even.

      I have a minisup Yisol, and she actually has a pretty small head also. The couple of 6-6.5 Leeke and Dollga wigs I've tried on her fit alright but tended to slide around a little. So definitely you'd want to go with the smaller size.
    4. Thank you! Now I can order my wigs with confidence ;)
    5. I have a Elfdoll lovelydoll and she wears a leeke 6-6.5 with no problem at all. (Just in case you were still worried.)
    6. I bought a "D" size wig for my bambicrony... and it fits on my Bluefairy mini. I don't know about the other wigs but the D definitely seems to run large!