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Leekeworld Sneakers Jan 11-31, 2012 (Pre-Order)

Jan 17, 2012

    1. I'm sure Leeke's new boy mold releases overshadowed this but ZOMG pre-order period for new sneakers! *squee!!!* I couldn't believe this wasn't in the news section, so I had to point it out. o_O They are so awesome...

      I have ordered from Leeke's previous sneaker collections and they are so nice! Very finely stitched and detailed.

      They have five new styles this time and the pre-order period is until January 31st.

      EDIT for discussion thread here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?495960 (<-- please ask questions in the discussion thread only - comments in the News (announcements) threads will be deleted by the mods)

      Sizes are stated as below:

      "- L Type Boys : The sneakers real size is 9.5cm.
      - L Type Boys : Leekeworld L Type-Boy(Soild muscle), SD13Boys,SD17Boys of Volks.
      - L Type Girls : The sneakers real size is 8.2cm.
      - L Type Girls : Girl of DollLeeke-L type, SD13Girls and SD of Volks.
      - M Type : The sneakers real size is 6.9cm.
      - M Type : DollLeeke-M type, MSD of Volks."

      Link to pre-order page:


      Hope no one misses out! <3
    2. Do you know of these sneakers are Limited. Would I be able to order them after the preorder period? I was considering them but I'm not sure yet about what to pair with them.
    3. Preorder items are only available during a preorder